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  1. Paid: The Sanctuary Free: Experiment 10 Overall: Experiment 10 My Overall Rankings would be: 1. Experiment 10 2. Terror of the Towers 3. The Sanctuary 4. The Curse 5. The Passing 6. The Asylum 7. SAW Alive 8. Carnival of Screams
  2. 1. Megafobia, Oakwood2. Colossus, Thorpe Park3. Air, Alton Towers4. Detonator, Thorpe Park5. Hex, Alton Towers6. TH13TEEN, Alton Towers7. Nemesis, Alton Towers8. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park9. The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley10. Raptor Attack, Lightwater Valley
  3. D4n

    SAW: Alive

    I reckon it's most likely to be because very few people head to it first thing, and therefore they don't want to pay actors when there's nobody going in...
  4. Stealth... won? *facepalms*
  5. Rush (4)Stealth (6)Rush +1Stealth -1
  6. inferno is out of the game

  7. The scores were uneven (16 points in play instead of 15) I worked out that Stealth was the ride with the invalid extra point :)

  8. Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (5)Stealth (5)Inferno +1Stealth -1
  9. why did you take two points of stealth?

  10. Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (5)Stealth (5)Inferno +1Stealth -2
  11. Colossus (8)Detonator (5)Loggers Leap (4)Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (4)Stealth (3)Logger's +1Stealth -1
  12. Colossus (8)Detonator (5)Loggers Leap (4)Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (4)Stealth (3)Logger's +1Stealth -1
  13. Colossus (9)Detonator (4)Loggers Leap (3)Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (5)Stealth (3)Logger's +1Stealth -1
  14. Colossus (8)Detonator (5)Loggers Leap (2)Nemesis Inferno (5)Rush (6)Stealth (3)Logger's +1Stealth -1
  15. Colossus (5)Detonator (5)Loggers Leap (6)Nemesis Inferno (6)Rush (5)Stealth (3)Logger's +1Stealth -1
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