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  1. Rach666

    2019 Season

    I was on park yesterday. Stealth has been closed since last week and is not going to be back up any time soon due to new parts required. Apparently Thorpe have recently fired the AM engineer for Swarm, as such they can not operate it until the PM engineer is on site at 16:00 (whom lives far away). Make of it what you will, but sure enough Swarm opened bang on 16:00, with only one car and an immediate 2 hour queue line. Source: ride operators on park
  2. I came to ask the same question @Ivsetti!! I remember she opened late last season... hopefully she will be back next month!
  3. Thank you JoshC, appreciated.
  4. Why yes, you're right, instead of spending £400 at Thorpe, that's just down the road; I'll buy a pass so that I can go to Germany every weekend and queue up. That's actually pretty great value... ?
  5. Thank you Mark, I clearly agree. Because I get 30+ rides in a visit without sacrificing precious annual leave IMO? Simply put; Thorpe is better and around the corner.... but thanks for apparently being the only person to answer my initial question...
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how the annual UFT works? I assume you are provided with a separate pass to show at the FT booth to pick up the wrist band for the day? Hilarious and disturbing you still have to queue after spending £400.....
  7. So was it the Negan scene from last year.. or the Negan scene from LN Extreme? WAYYYY preferred last year's opening scene, and last year's Negan's tbf... the ones we saw in LN Extreme were shocking (one didn't even have a beard, full on laughed out loud when he stuck Lucille in my face ffs.......)
  8. Ok... I am not usually the optimistic type... however today is turning out to be a great day! Is there not any chance guys that Thorpe just want to get LIL out of the way before they start construction? Last day is September 1st.. they crack on with setting up the next event after that w&nk is finally over and done with; opposed to trying to organise two events at the same time? Think of the resource costs! Also, isn't there more closed dates this September compared to last year.. meaning they can work around the clock to turn this all around in time? Again, only a suggestion.. let the rampage commence
  9. Rach666

    LIL - 10-10

    Awesome, thank you both so much!
  10. Rach666

    LIL - 10-10

    Hi Guys, how are Thorpe enforcing the £10 charge for 6pm-10pm for LIL? There is a group of us going on Saturday (all TAP) but only 2 of us are staying for the evening. Do you have to buy the £10 ticket in advance? They can't surely go around checking who has paid and who has not at 6pm, and equally can't enforce TAP holders the charge on entry if they are not staying?
  11. Rach666


    She always bruises me delightfully on the outside seat.... love her most ardently!!!!!
  12. Haha, I'm terrible in mazes, if this is not new I must have ran through it petrified on previous runs...!!!
  13. Well... I went on 3 times on Saturday.... The first run was awful... the worst I have ever had in the maze. Not many scares, did not enjoy the first scene as much as last year and thought there weren't that many additional actors. I'd like to point out that was in the day... I then did an evening run and it was almost like a different maze! Still think last years opening scene was 10 times better (and with much better Negan's... I'm sorry but it is true..), but the rest of the maze was incredible! Found some extra rooms and the new scene of being forced into a chair and being interrogated by 2 of the Saviours. Loads of actors, lots of jump scares, and a really good ending! Was so good went round again!
  14. So how does it work for MOS nights? We will be on park Saturday, do you just get booted out at 6:00, do your own thing for two hours then head back in?
  15. YAYYYYY! I do hope so, love a good little run on Quantum... she always makes me laugh!!!
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