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  1. Rach666

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    So was it the Negan scene from last year.. or the Negan scene from LN Extreme? WAYYYY preferred last year's opening scene, and last year's Negan's tbf... the ones we saw in LN Extreme were shocking (one didn't even have a beard, full on laughed out loud when he stuck Lucille in my face ffs.......)
  2. Ok... I am not usually the optimistic type... however today is turning out to be a great day! Is there not any chance guys that Thorpe just want to get LIL out of the way before they start construction? Last day is September 1st.. they crack on with setting up the next event after that w&nk is finally over and done with; opposed to trying to organise two events at the same time? Think of the resource costs! Also, isn't there more closed dates this September compared to last year.. meaning they can work around the clock to turn this all around in time? Again, only a suggestion.. let the rampage commence
  3. Rach666

    LIL - 10-10

    Awesome, thank you both so much!
  4. Rach666

    LIL - 10-10

    Hi Guys, how are Thorpe enforcing the £10 charge for 6pm-10pm for LIL? There is a group of us going on Saturday (all TAP) but only 2 of us are staying for the evening. Do you have to buy the £10 ticket in advance? They can't surely go around checking who has paid and who has not at 6pm, and equally can't enforce TAP holders the charge on entry if they are not staying?
  5. Rach666


    She always bruises me delightfully on the outside seat.... love her most ardently!!!!!
  6. Rach666

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    Haha, I'm terrible in mazes, if this is not new I must have ran through it petrified on previous runs...!!!
  7. Rach666

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    Well... I went on 3 times on Saturday.... The first run was awful... the worst I have ever had in the maze. Not many scares, did not enjoy the first scene as much as last year and thought there weren't that many additional actors. I'd like to point out that was in the day... I then did an evening run and it was almost like a different maze! Still think last years opening scene was 10 times better (and with much better Negan's... I'm sorry but it is true..), but the rest of the maze was incredible! Found some extra rooms and the new scene of being forced into a chair and being interrogated by 2 of the Saviours. Loads of actors, lots of jump scares, and a really good ending! Was so good went round again!
  8. Rach666

    Ministry of Sound Nights

    So how does it work for MOS nights? We will be on park Saturday, do you just get booted out at 6:00, do your own thing for two hours then head back in?
  9. Rach666

    2018 General Discussion

    YAYYYYY! I do hope so, love a good little run on Quantum... she always makes me laugh!!!
  10. I adore the Saw franchise as a whole, so as much as I would love this to be a Saw Legacy revamp, bit odd to do so the year after "Jigsaw" came out... In other news, and sorry if this has already been pointed out... looks like all AP tickets for Fright Nights 2018 are set to £10 currently... just bought two for Sat 27th (almost certain this was £15 or £20 last year) at £10 a piece?
  11. Rach666


    Sorry, forgot to update this. You do not get FT for TWD.. as Marc suggested there is no FT queue. We got in the queue first thing, and the ride decided to break down. After some waiting they evacuated the queue line and were handing out 2 FT tickets for any ride on park. I politely pointed out we had UFT so these were kinda wasted on us, but thanks for the offer. Then, a lovely gentleman stopped me (I was wearing my fave Negan top) and said "this girl is a super fan too, please give her the same FT"!!!! A lovely ride attendant then reluctantly agreed, and said yes that's fine, but no more; and handed us both a FT specifically for TWD..... So, no FT, but wear a Negan top and hope the ride breaks down and you may be in with some luck!!!!
  12. Rach666


    Hi Guys, Pretty certain the answer to this is "no"... but does anyone know if you can get one shot fast track for TWDTR when you purchase ultimate fastrack (like when DBGT first opened)? Many thanks!
  13. Rach666

    Annual Pass Day - Weather

    Yeah tell me about it Benin, fed up tbh! But what can they do I guess IF it really is going to be -3 to 1 degrees...
  14. Rach666

    Annual Pass Day - Weather

    Sooo, whilst I appreciate the Great British Weather (or should I say, the Great British Weather Forecast People) is/are forever changing their minds; the forecast for this weekend is looking pretty abysmal. Phone app was predicting high winds, MetOffice is predicting snow showers... I've been on park before when the bad weather policy has been in place, and literally nothing was running (quantum was the only open ride I could be bothered with, and we already know that will not be running this weekend, weather permitting or not). If the weather is that bad this weekend, what will they do? Just activate the policy, reschedule etc.? Something tells me we are not all going to fit inside the Marquee...