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  1. Saw is the one the highest grossing horror franchise of all time so I’m pretty sure a few people would be interested 😉 does anyone actually know when the IP runs out or do they have the rights for a long as they please?
  2. Seriously! Back in 2008 when I first visited the park was arguably the most exciting park in the UK due to amazing investments the park was installing each year! Now every new attraction is either a maze or “experience” and the fact they turned their only “good” family coaster into a horror themed attraction is just ridiculous! Why don’t they add any new coasters or flat rides? It’s becoming such a bore! The last decent addition was in 2012! The 2nd hand kiddie rides they’ve added to old town don’t even blend into the area they stick out like sore thumbs with their colourful colour scenes and old “theming” Why have they closed rides and left them to rot? Loggers leap is closed and rotting, Slammer is closed and rotting, Saw: Alive is closed and rotting are they just going to leave them there it’s so strange and sad to see the once great park in such a depressing state... I also don’t understand who they are marketing themselves at anymore are they are thrill park or trying to be a family park because there image is all over the place and doesn’t quite fit together because they market it a lot different to the addictions they then add or don’t add... what’s going on?
  3. So a design flaw on gerstlauers part?
  4. Hey guys just wondering if anyone can actually confirm why the bottom drop jolts? ive heard all sorts of stories like the track is sinking, track isnt slotted in properly blah blah but was wondering if anyone knows the real truth personally I love the ride and the jolt doesnt bother me but I can feel its there cheers guys!
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