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  1. One of the biggest differences which made yesterday much better than previous visits was how friendly the staff were! Thorpe seemed to be pushing customer service yesterday, every member of staff was super friendly and chatty which made the day so much better as well as the overall atmosphere of the park! I hope this is continued throughout the season!
  2. In the latest video Thorpe Park have shared on their social media platforms it appears to show the Swarm ‘brave it backwards’ three times throughout the duration. Could this his be a final teaser or just generic stock footage? Guess we will find out tomorrow.
  3. I put the two teasers they have posted together (forming the centre of the park) the arrows seem to be indicating the locations for the events this year; I could be wrong. However it’s interesting how ‘Old town’ appears to be deliberately left out, could they be labelling this area as “under construction for 2020” or simply because this area hasn’t got much going for it at the moment?
  4. I could be looking into this a little too much, however was looking at Thorpe Parks website and interestingly I noticed Rumba Rapids was the only ride which had “Will return in 2019” listed. Could this possibly be a nod towards a retheme or more realistically it’s just left from Fright Nights?
  5. Interesting considering a similar logo has appeared around the park! Don’t know whether they are just teasing but this reply certainly got a lot of attention...
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