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  1. I'm going in the holidays having never been before as I couldnt get any time off work sooner. How bad will the crowds be? Heard bad things about October half term 😂
  2. So I stayed at the Shark Hotel for two days and had a great time surprisingly. Although there was a drastic difference out of the two days operations wise. First day everything was running swiftly, a few rides shut because of the dreadful weather but in all it was good. Fins Bar And Grill was a complete joke though. Firstly I noticed the menu hardly offers anything other than a small burger meal or cod and chips. It was extortionate too. The service was utterly dreadful, the woman serving me had no idea what she was doing. I asked multiple times for an order and they still got it wrong. I realised the order was completely different and headed back. There was 3 or people in front of me and in the time she took to serve them the wrong food had arrived. In the end the manager had to sort out the order. Same thing happened to someone else too. Today was a mixed bag though; rides were down - Tidal Wave all day when it was actually sunny? The staff were good nonetheless, allowing re-rides on practically everything towards the end as it was so quiet. In terms of the overall structure Old Town just looks sad, there's arcade games that aren't even working and a lost theming that feels empty without Loggers. The whole Colossus/Saw area looks empty too. Amity's looking great though. Looks more neat and polished compared to last time, the speakers and audio were great too. Rapids are improved too, you actually get splashed and they're more rapid. Everything else was running well though, besides Saw that I'm sure gets rougher every year!
  3. "We have a sub-par overpriced burger cafe..... Like no other!!"
  4. I've heard mixed reactions today. Some people are claiming it was a castrophie, others are saying it was well run. Guess I'll judge when I venture there Tuesday.
  5. It's decent. I think they give an outline of the overall structure and what they want to achieve, what more can you ask for?
  6. Damn.... I booked my hotel tickets in December. Nooooo!!!!!
  7. Considering the 'Amity' theming, Shark Hotel, etc it's be fantastic to have a Jaws screening at some point. As a huge fan, I'd happily see that!
  8. It's more likely 'Bouncezilla' is a code word for Loggers Leap and it's now reopening this year than Swarm going backwards tbh.
  9. Definitely seems as if they're hyping the events. At least they're sticking to their guns and actually have a consistent marketing plan I suppose.
  10. Thorpe are teasing that extra features have been added to the map. Can't see any though:
  11. I expect my car to be waxed as well for that price!
  12. It could do with a scrub now that you mention it. The only thing that's depressing is when you go under it and it's full of dirty puddle from the rides leakage.
  13. I'm probably going to get hate for this but I find Storm Surge quite enjoyable. Sure, the queue times aren't great, it's a quick experience, but it's just nice to have a water experience that looks - reasonably - colourful. It could do with more of a splash though.
  14. DBGT will most likely be even more downgraded just like last season. I remember when they used to have actor on it, now it's just unenthusiastic staff rushing you along in a monotonous voice. Remember last time a woman working there said "shhhhh.... Listen or you won't ride!" - didn't realise this was a year 6 school trip!
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