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    Theme parks! Especially Thorpe Park & Alton Towers. I also really like swimming

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  1. JoelAllen

    Nemesis Inferno

    Every time I've been this year they've been working. Its a cool effect actually.
  2. JoelAllen


    I agree, the outer seat is definitely the best one.
  3. JoelAllen

    Fear on a Ride

    Hey there! Well done for conquering for fear, I hope you enjoyed Nemesis, The Smiler and the other rides. Personally, from least scariest to scariest drops, I would say: Stealth Oblivion Saw So, Saw being the scariest. I would aim to do all of them if you ask me, they'll all over in a matter of seconds, and I have no doubt in thinking you will love them!
  4. JoelAllen


    Vortex has once again re-opened today, with confirmation from Thorpe Park.
  5. JoelAllen


    Yes, Vortex is open again and has been for about a week and a half.
  6. JoelAllen

    2018 General Discussion

    Got a reply from Thorpe about vortex: “Hi Joel, Unfortunately we can't say exactly when Vortex will be back. Our engineers are testing the ride at the moment and we hope to have it back in operation as soon as possible!” This is good to hear and it should be back very soon!
  7. JoelAllen

    2018 General Discussion

    This is great news! Hopefully it should be back within the next week then.
  8. JoelAllen


    Good to hear so looking forward to riding it again next week!
  9. JoelAllen

    Park Operations

    Good to hear that. Sadly I’m away on the 10-10 night, but I hope to be going back to Thorpe for my birthday a few weeks later.
  10. JoelAllen

    Park Operations

    That’s good to hear, should be open soon hopefully!
  11. JoelAllen

    Park Operations

    According to Thorpe Park Ride times today, Quantum has re-opened. Only Vortex is unavailable now! Edit: Maybe not, seems to have closed again!
  12. JoelAllen

    2018 General Discussion

    I saw some photos of Quantum’s scaffolding coming down recently. So I believe it should be up and running very soon. Hope Rocky will be too!
  13. JoelAllen

    Rumba Rapids

    We went on it about a week and a bit ago and we also got wet! It seems to be running quite well recently. It was rough and actually not bad at all.
  14. JoelAllen


    Was like that when I went. It actually, for me, makes it more tense!
  15. JoelAllen

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Oh cool! It’s great Thorpe have included these Easter eggs and not just forgotten about X. It looks like they have done a good job with the walking dead:the ride. Now I’m looking forward to riding it!