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  1. Speaking of tidal wave reopening, I wonder when the fire effect will be turned on? I'm guessing it will be turned on in the summer holidays and frightnights maybe?? I’m looking forward to see it on soon!
  2. Here is Timber’s op panel!
  3. Yep Thorpe's sound system upgrade is amazing! I hope when lockdown restrictions ease they turn the sound cannons in infernos station up a bit more like in the summer last year when they were pumping, you could even feel the base outside of the station! Does anyone know what plays through the speakers at saws drop? I’ve always wondered what is supposed to play through them!
  4. Looks like the parks speaker system has had yet another overhaul! Swarm island and saws speakers have all been replaced with rcf p series and monitor Q series which sound amazing apart from saws station which has no bass but I think its due to saws speaker system still not being finnished leaving some areas without audio (by the way hello zepp it now played on dispatch!) and that they have left the old bose subs remianing making me think they are still keeping them but they have not be turned on yet. Infernos old soundtrack is back with them new rcf subs that are pumping out the sountracks low frequency beat and lost citys speakers are sounding amazing with that great imascore sountrack. The parks amtmospere has changed alot with the new speakers giving it a refreshed feel, its looking like its going to be a great season!
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