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  1. Rode Ghost Train twice a couple of weeks ago and even though I still don't think it's nearly as bad as people make it out to be, I still do have a fair few gripes with it. Firstly, I'll list some of the changes that I noticed since my first runthrough on opening day: The actor doing the batching into the preshow gives more of a talk at the start now - you know, your usual health and safety stuff really. Don't touch the actors, turn your phones off, etc. Not a huge fan of it and prefer the more simplistic approach that they had on opening day of the batching person just telling people to "keep moving, keep standing", but understand that this is needed because of morons unable to grasp the fact that you should never touch an actor. Got held in the second preshow space in both runthroughs, and although not a new feature, this is something I didn't get to experience in my first go as we were just all ushered straight through onto the train. I like it, I wish more time was made so that everybody can experience is regardless if there's a delay or not, but again I understand the reasons for this not being the case. The runner in the crypt that reveals the spirit has finally been painted black! Makes the reveal a lot less obvious now... however on my second runthrough of the day, the curtain hiding said spirit was open - so if you knew what to look for, you could literally see it sat there ready to come flying out. But on the other hand, the lighting for this still really is atrocious. It's a total blink-and-you-miss-it moment. I took my friend on it for his first ever runthroughs of it, and I still don't think he noticed it after even our second go to be honest. The lighting either needs a rework, or the effect needs to be totally stripped out and re-looked at over closed season to be more effective. I personally think if they removed the rails that make it fly overhead and perhaps make an even bigger model (think the size of Emily Alton in the final jumpscare in The Curse, maybe even bigger) come out from the wall? Could probably be done via some retractable arm - that way it can be a big jumpscare moment that stays in place for long enough for guests to actually notice it, rather than having it whiz over the top of guests heads and risk them not even seeing it. The audio on the train seemed better, but still needs more work to be genuinely scary in my opinion. It's still far too quiet for any of the jumpscare sound effects to be genuinely impactful - I think the main issue is a real lack of bass. The nun costumes are significantly better now - actual robes and face makeup rather than the god awful Tesco halloween costume junk they were using beforehand. Not sure if it was a quiet day for actors then or if the park have reduced the actors in the attraction (already), but we only had one nun on the train in both our runthroughs that day which does significantly dampen the scare if you're on the wrong side of the train... which we were. Twice. The fake shop ending is still pretty decent and the new costume they're using for it is miles better than the Thorpe Park blue fleece they were using on opening day - although is nowhere near as impactful as the demon from Derren's heyday. Yes, I'm still salty about that. On our first runthrough we also experienced a breakdown on the train after the crypt scene - the actors were doing their best to keep up the breakdown monologue as to not disrupt the experience, but the breakdown lasted long enough that you could notice the audio loop which got a bit awkward after a while. Really got to feel for those actors as they need to be on their A game 110% of the time - if you've got lacklustre actors, the attraction falls completely flat on its face (which, to be honest, is not something we had trouble with. All of the actors did an incredible job - especially the lady called Becca, who's the current face for Fright Nights. She puts all her energy into this attraction and it really pays off). We also had the fake shop finale actor come out about 30 seconds too early on our first runthrough which totally spoiled the scare - they came through the fake door before the lights and projector even turned off, so you could see everything. They then just stood there looking around waiting for the lights to go off so they could do the usual scare thing of just lurching at people from behind the fence. A real shame as it totally ruined the experience for a lot of us when the very last thing of the attraction (which usually provides an amazing scare tbh) falls flat on its face. I really hope they put a little bit more time and energy into Ghost Train over closed season, things I'm longing for are: Something over the windows to simulate movement - perhaps curtains or LED strip lights like on Sub-Terra's elevator section Fogger in the crypt to absolutely cover the floor in a thick fog to sell the illusion that you're in a crypt Everything else works for what the attraction is to be honest, it just needs tidying up and some effects need enhancing to really sell the complete package.
  2. Yeah that’s pretty accurate but most of the white supports were in higher number piles - from what I assume (I forgot to ask a Thorpe employee 🙃), the supports that are by their retrospective signposts determine the order in which they’re going to be installed - the supports by the number 1 signpost were primarily gold from what I remember, so at the very least I think we’ll see some gold supports installed to clear some space, and as they’re being installed there’ll be more deliveries that come in and it’ll probably keep going like that until all deliveries have been made.
  3. Me! 🙋🏻‍♂️ Surprising to see the island pretty much completely full of supports now! Definitely can’t be many (if any) more deliveries until installation starts at this point - I’m not sure where else they could put them! 😂
  4. Probably best just to observe how it goes for a few days and then make a decision, I reckon it’ll be pretty 50/50 tbh! A decent portion won’t care about the darkness and will be chuffed to pay less, and another decent portion will want the full creepy experience and will exclusively do the mazes in the dark. I could be very wrong though (which is why I’d advise holding back for a few days to see what the general consensus is) but I really do reckon it’ll be close to a 50/50 split - families will def prefer to do the cheaper daytime mazes, I guarantee it.
  5. Ah yes, that would make more sense 😂 I knew it was something along those lines...
  6. There's a sign for each coaster that follows this exact style - Exodus' sign isn't unique so I wouldn't look too deep into that. It's just supposed to look like signposts that describe how difficult a hike would be... how that fits in to absolutely anything going on at the park at the minute is anybody's guess 😂 100% going to be Greek themed, 100% going to be called Hyperia. (Obviously not officially confirmed, but may as well be at this point) I agree that Exodus doesn't fit in with the Greek theme, however I would definitely take a theme change in exchange for it... although the only theme that I could imagine it correlating to would be aliens and that'd definitely be stepping on SWARM's toes.
  7. It's been pointed out to me since that Hyperia is the daughter of the river god Inachus in ancient Greek mythology, so whilst I still think it's a bit of a cop out (loosely connecting ancient Greek mythology with the fact that Exodus is a hypercoaster) this does certainly make it at least a little better in my book. This ticks a lot of boxes... Exodus either being themed around Ancient Egyptian or Ancient Greek mythology Exodus being built on a lake therefore naming it after the daughter of a Greek god that was 'the river god' That weird angel thing that was left over from Loggers Leap looks like it could fit in with Greek mythology As far as I'm concerned, the name is 100% going to be Hyperia at this point - all signs point towards it. To be honest, I'd have preferred 'Inachus' if I was making the decision - but I suppose that doesn't give them the double-meaning that Hyperia does. It'll grow on me, I'm sure... but at the minute I still think Exodus is an infinitely better name.
  8. Interesting that they’re still running with this, even after updating the signage and whatnot outside of the attraction indicating that it’s more of a theatrical experience than a ride - maybe the website slipped through the net somehow 😂
  9. Literally my favourite part of the whole attraction (aside from see it, say it, sorted of course) 😂 Nice to see them still working on it - I really hope we get some more drastic changes made over closed season though, like fixing audio balancing issues, some sort of effect to simulate movement outside of the windows (I don't care what it is, anything is better than black paint), better costumes for the nuns in the train finale, painting that god damn runner black in the crypt!!! All relatively simple changes to be made, but can totally understand why none of them could really be made whilst the park were operational. I'll always have a soft spot for Ghost Train, and it always makes me happy when I see people praising it for what it is - a goofy, fun theatrical experience. People should be treating it like a Dungeons attraction, because that's exactly what it is. The balance of scares and comedy is identical to that inside of a Dungeons attraction, and when you take a step back and evaluate it on that level - it's a bloody good attraction. But if you analyse it on a terrifying ghost train ride level though - of course it'll fall flat - because that's not what the ride is, nor is it what it's trying to be.
  10. I think it'll just end up being an auction of old Duel props to be honest
  11. Monk's Walk is going to be a hive of activity over this closed season then! I can't wait until we get to see her testing, it's gonna be incredible.
  12. I don't really think it's harsh, more of a reality check. Like I say, I have absolutely nothing but admiration for the dedication that Kieran and Jack put into these trailers - but at the end of the day, those trailers are pretty much just for the enthusiasts... aka people who are very much aware of Fright Nights and will likely attend the event anyway. I suppose the level of quality that the park get through Kieran and Jack for their money is unmatched by anybody else, not forgetting that these videos are produced by two individuals with a passion for theme parks and videography - something you won't get if you run to a bog-standard marketing agency - so they really hit the nail on the head each time when it comes to knowing what the people want. However, I must admit that the balance of storydriven narrative and actual genuine promotional material for the mazes/zones has been bang on point this year so far. The Trailers reveal last night had the narrative to kick off the video, panned into the box, and had a montage of what it's actually like inside of the maze... perfect! When leaning too heavily into a narrative you can often oversell an attraction and unfortunately I feel like that's definitely what was done last year, so it's great to see that they've finally found the perfect balance this year.
  13. I’ve got a feeling Trailers will be staying (or the general concept at least) for quite a while - someone on the passholder group asked if it’s going through any changes for this year, to which they replied: “Trailers is remaining classic for this year at least!” Hopefully, if the park aren’t going to totally reimagine the attraction from the ground up, we get all new scenes for 2024. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Trailers (predicable and not even remotely scary imo), so a bit gutted it’s returning… although I can’t say I didn’t see it coming! Fingers crossed for next year 🤞
  14. Well then... Death's Doors is returning, eh?! Who'd have thunk it!
  15. I’ve even heard through the grapevine that one of them will be dressed as the Tidal Wave fire effect! Apparently that’s what Russ meant when he mentioned it all that time ago…
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