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  1. things are going on. in parm paps dms. oh spam is naughty, spam is bad, but if you mod, then spam you can.
  2. you've done it now. there was inaction, when there should have been steps taken, and this is why. some slacking caused the delay in the lake and that must be rectified. there will be no more exodus updates on the forum. there will be no more Pressing matters on this site. you can catch my progress on my new web page coming soon. until then, ding dong, ding dong.
  3. oh. it is not that easy. revealing too much is no option, revealing a bit is all I can. if you don't balance the reveal with the light, the reveal is not possible. I will take my reveal elsewhere and bid you good day.
  4. I looked at oasis fun pools and that one says it's good but it has to be busier. yeah you have to book I think. not like the other one, wally world, that one is turn up but the stuff is not as good. oasis you have to queue or book but that's the turnip. disappearing twice in the same day x y and 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 and 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 and
  5. paarrrrrrup, well I've heard some rumours that exodus has been cancelled from thorpe park, and another ride is leaving, (music neel neel neel neel neel neel neel neel) if you want to destroy really good things, Merlin, you can BEEP it's gonna be **** will you be riding that 2024, it's actually 2025 I think, it could have been a lot better, slightly better paced it's your fault Merlin, that's what I said, you, why's it 2025, they've delayed it, I'm officially done, bye Exodus
  6. it's Christmas time again pom pom pom pom, and I want my new ride pom ba da ba bom, to go smoothly this time pu ru pu pu pum, so can I have more hours pa pu pu pu pom, so I can sort this out pa pu pu po pom, pa pu po pom, po pu pa pom
  7. it's chicken enchiladas for lunch today
  9. are you going first. well I was thinking that cos you're pulling away too fast and we need to keep at the same speed. yes. this needs fix. yes well we think so but we're waiting for the last bit. but it's all steam ahead mostly. or no steam as it may be. well, we have to cut somewhere and we don't want to lose 10. let's do some Train ing yeah?
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