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  1. operation eXodus will begin shortly Ding dong, ding dong. The world will see enough of this And! This will all happen in time . ITSINTHENAME
  2. There will be some a ding a dang a donging some time soon. Ding dong, ding dong.
  3. Permission may be granted. And then ....................2..........0..........0..........2.................... will the 10 be in a spin? Well That, remains to be seen. ,,,,,,,, Ding dong, ding dong. but one might not be here. things are Coming. THINGS.
  4. Ooh baby, I love your way, every day yeah, yeah Ooh, baby, I love your way, everyday Shadows grow so long before my eyes And they're moving across the page Suddenly the day turns into night Far away, from the city But don't, oh no, hesitate 'Cause your pond just won't wait (Hey yeah, yeah) Ooh baby, I love your way, everyday I wanna tell you I love your pond, everyday yeah, yeah I wanna be with you night and day
  5. Ding dong, ding dong. What is going on? 😕 Well. NWO. ------ I I I ------ I I I -------- The wilderness years. But. what wilderness ? 😕 Could something be a foot. X O DWS *DUS
  6. Will two tracks, in 24 ? A ride is all will that be an score Score them all, score them all Can you slow down please? WHAAAAAT?
  7. We've hit a snag. But. It's just a snag. There are some more opportunities. But. Will it be in time. 24 Ding dong, ding dong. ?
  8. There needs to be some sunshine. There is a little rain. There could be lots of meetings. It takes a lot to gain. But we can take the challenge. I only want this ride to make for Thought.
  9. It used to go. Deafening silence. But. Now. It goes. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong dung dong dung dong. Ch ch ch ch ch ch.
  10. It's all coming together. Everything is falling into place. But. Will we see the final countdown? Ding dong, ding dong.
  11. That would be nowhere near as much fun. And. I would not be allowed to say that.
  12. We all must wait and see. Time passes slowly... or is it quickly. It can be either or in no time at all. Be brilliantly covertly desist wait. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong.
  13. The first section has been realised. But. There is not full steam ahead. Prepare for a rocky few years. Ding dong, ding dong.
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