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  1. Ricky

    Sea World

    Tilikum has died: http://news.sky.com/story/tilikum-orca-that-killed-seaworld-orlando-trainer-dies-10719977
  2. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    By the looks of it, hulks Technical Rehearsals started yesterday and seem to running smoothly!
  3. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    The Hulk entrance looks just about finished... Images from http://orlandounited.com/ Not gonna lie the statue itself looks a little underwhelming compared.
  4. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    The Hulk's entrance has started construction:
  5. Ricky

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jun/22/teenagers-4am-joyride-blackpool-rollercoaster-blue-flyer?campaign_id=A100&campaign_type=Email hehe
  6. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    Indeed the walls are down! Here's some pictures and a video from Attractions Magazine: https://www.facebook.com/attractionsmagazine/videos/10154194682864330/
  7. Ricky


    As Stealths wheels heat up, the train moves faster around the circuit. By "opening later" they are essentially delaying the amount of time it takes for the wheels to over heat. Stealth in hot weather will shut down due to an over speed error message at least once an hour on days in excess of 25 degrees Celsius between the times of 12pm and 4pm. Back in the days when I worked on it the average time it took to complete the circuit was around 17/18 seconds, in the extreme summer heat it would go as low as 11/12seconds.
  8. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    Judging by what the park are saying in the video, they aren't expecting Hulk to open until the end of Summer.
  9. Ricky

    Universal Studios Florida

    Interesting little video from Universal!
  10. Ricky

    SAW: The Ride

    A fair amount of the rides at TP close due to high winds, most rides have variations on wind speed but you'd be surprised.
  11. ^ I am sure the twigs they have conveniently planted will do wonders covering it up, in maybe 10 to 15 years. Almost as amazing as the twigs they planted under Storm Surge... Oh wait... they never grew.
  12. Ricky


    *yawn* I am 100% certain Mike was sat in his office during the winter and said "You know guys, I think we should keep Colossus on 1 train for a while. Especially over the Easter Period, what a fantastic idea!" Good God Get a Grip Girl... Some things are beyond anybody's control, stop whining about something that was probably not preventable.
  13. Ricky


    You find Stealth rough? Boy you must have a swell time on Saw....
  14. Ricky

    The Swarm

    What about the entire park?