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  2. are you going first. well I was thinking that cos you're pulling away too fast and we need to keep at the same speed. yes. this needs fix. yes well we think so but we're waiting for the last bit. but it's all steam ahead mostly. or no steam as it may be. well, we have to cut somewhere and we don't want to lose 10. let's do some Train ing yeah?
  3. oh the funny music the song, oh the funny music the song, oh the funny music the song wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble but which way. there are THREE I'm from salford mate. you don't mess with people from salford all sorts is going on. but the shadows are on your side as soon as the rides go down. in the darkest maze you can find, there's a clue to the hands of the times
  4. some of It is looking promising. some of it is looking challenging. no stop it yes start it I don't wanna build it no more, I don't wanna answer my calls on the park floor
  5. WE ARE WAITING WAITING WAITING!!! do you prefer version 1986 or the pee wee mix?
  6. all CH sorts CH of CH changes CH are CH coming CH in CH time it CH will CH be CH majorly CH superbly CH exciting
  7. oh with lunch I had food, and with that I had salsa, I will take you away, into the exodus
  9. take me away, to this new exciting place
  10. Ready? 3................ 2..................... 1................................................................................ bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom obm bom bom obmo mobm ombo mbom bom bom bom bom bom bom ding dong ding dong, ding dong ding dong, ding dong ding dong it's taking all much too uch time, to get it looked at and we need to press on, for everything that we Have done, this is prime time and this time is right now the Uploads have only just ogn,e and now theRe is only a shoRt time for us, , whY there are window breaks Under the Park all that they knew, we wait and they say nothing
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