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Brighton Pier - what is it like to work there?

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I shall PM you later, it'll be easier for me to discuss it that way :P

But some brief info here...

Firstly: I'm positive you have to be 18 to work on the rides!

Like many theme park jobs, it's minimum wage (if not, then only a tiny bit more), long hours and challenging at times with those pesky customers ;) It is also great for gaining experience and confidence in customer service, can be a good laugh and good fun, and a good way to meet new people etc :)

Oh and within a few months, you'll probably be trained on all the rides, the whole process in general is quicker than places like Thorpe, Chessie etc :D

Something very important anyone who is thinking of working there should know: there is no set closing time. So you have no idea what time you'll be finishing, not until about an hour or so before, give or take. They basically wait until the pier is empty enough, then shut the token kiosks, and rides close a short while after that. Unfortunately, they told me nothing of this at my interview or induction day - had I known this, well things may well have been different!

So yeah, that is something you'd really need to consider, especially if you had to travel to work - on the summer particularly, they sometimes stay open until after midnight!

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