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  1. Today the bedford river festival started and they have a fairly big funfair on and they have a Mondial Top Scan there. All I can say is WOW. it was the best cycle I've ever had on a Top Scan! started off slow and then built up with speed and by the end was on full pelt! seriously amazing ride! it's owned by Joey Whitelegg(It used to be at Lightwater Valley under the name Whirlwind). here's a video from it in Corby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHM6FVTEDPs
  2. Thing is Sanbrooke works for Merlin so that's why I'm even more shocked that he made that video exposing everything
  3. it's just Thorpe have said TONS of times they want it to be a secret.... you get told it everytime! I can kind of understand it on here but being put on a site which has billions of views..... I cannot see the point of that
  4. A certain someone has made an entire video about everything that happens inside the ghost train and also explained how the ride works.... it's live on youtube and not even private. the ride is no longer a secret! shame some people have to ruin it for everyone else!
  5. Went on it yesterday. was not too impressed the first time but did have some good scares and then second time round was so much better. there is a lot that still needs to be done but it's great so far just needs a little extra added onto it
  6. I think it's rather unfair to say they are left to rot. Nemesis Inferno's paint at the moment makes it fit in rather well with the theme. the staff at all parks make sure their rides look good for each day (etc cleaning the queue line) and they do a bloody good job of it. I think Thorpe looks great. SAW looks great and won't need a repaint for quite a lot of years. a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make sure the rides look good and work well. just cause they look a little rusty don't mean it actually is rusty. we have horrible weather which means our rides fade quicker than others.
  7. The London SEALIFE is now a timed entry attraction so now you must always get a ticket. no more just going in and scanning your MAP(if you own a MAP). it sucks a little cause there's no point getting a timed entry on a super quiet day imo it should only be for busy days.
  8. went on annual pass preview night and let's just say the new show is AWESOME. you must visit to see the new show! makes a nice change from the old coughin coffins show which I didn't hugely like!
  9. Am hearing nothing about a phantom manor/ haunted mansion/mystic manor style ride? I hope it will be getting one because if I'm correct in saying every disney park (except california adventure) has a PM/HM/MM style ride? and would be weird if they never got one
  10. Thing is before for people who do the short tour he usually tones it down but from the videos it still looks brutal. people are still covered in fake blood and vile liquid..... this is gonna probably end with Russ getting arrested and it being shut down within a week
  11. we already have Cracked in this country which is a similar version of Mckamey Manor but not as violent and actually has a safe word.... who needs Mckamey Manor over here??? it is the worst thing ever created. the amount of things which could go wrong... like the violent pushing and shoving and slamming on the ground. wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up going blind or getting something like internal bleeding
  12. It took me till 2011 until I went on my first upside down/ major coaster which was Nemesis Inferno. I was so scared of big rides before that even though I love them. Just tell yourself it's fine and ask the ride host to recheck your safety bar and you will feel good. After your first two rides you will feel really good and not fear it anymore
  13. FILM FRIDAY - not actually seen the film but it's such a beautiful and awesome song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZMYO_iT-r0
  14. THUMPING THURSDAY - time to party y'all!! has to be one of my new favourite songs. very empowering and very energetic! such a banger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMTAUr3Nm6I
  15. WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - I adore this song. I adore this guy. just one of the best songs made in the past 10 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbfpW0pbvaU
  16. CHEESY TUESDAY - it's such an overrated song but it's really addictive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Jp-V4jalI
  17. MELLOW MONDAY - this song is just perfect if it's been a stressful day I just put this on full and happily relax it's great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEWHF3E9YJQ
  18. OH MY GOD I HAVE SLACKED ON THIS I shall start now y'all
  19. G-Force is returning to the park!! was seen this morning by Fantasy Islander's! https://www.facebook.com/fantasyislanders/posts/907133726066180
  20. The Mellors are very good at their business. Been a major key player in the ride business for quite a few years. With their knowledge of unique rides which are not in the UK at all and all that they know I think they can bring something amazing to Fantasy Island.
  21. Glad you enjoyed the park!! Although it would be fab for Rage to have an airtime hill the layout they bought is a bog standard preset one by Gerst! saying that if you keep your safety bar a little loose you do get amazing airtime on the first drop!!! also time machine 5 times?! are you made of steel or something?! with being made to sit at the front of the coasters Green Scream tends to stall a lot during testing if the weather is windy or rainy so they need all the weight at the front! great trip report!
  22. So devils creek is no more. Adventureville is the new ride and it looks cool!!! looks much larger than gold mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeR0upXsixg
  23. Compared to the park top spins the one at WW is 10x better. I got 30 flips on the ww top spin once!!! try doing that to RR it would be dead!!
  24. It's been totally ripped out. a much bigger building is taking its place. all the old devils creek ride cars were in a fenced off area by Jungle Jive
  25. I don't know of any fairground ghost trains which have had a budget of £40 million spent on them.........
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