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The Bear Grylls Adventure


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May as well start a thread for this.  For Merlin's sake, hopefully it ends up being a bit more popular than the Shrek's Adventure thread ey.. ;)


Opening in 2018 in Birmingham, The Bear Grylls Adventure is a mixture of an indoor and outdoor adventure course.  It'll be a family attraction, and I think it'll have different levels of adventurous things to do for all the family.  It's actually representing a significant investment (around £20 million), which I think is much more than any of Merlin's other midways?


As with Shrek's Adventure in its first year, it is expected that you don't get free access to this with a Merlin Annual Pass, though some form of discount / preference is likely to happen.  There's going to be very limited numbers allowed per day though, so expect it to be a premium-priced product..


Below is some concept art (again sourced lovingly from Merlin's recent presentation)..


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So I visited this place today, and had a pretty good time - 



For those who can't be bothered reading or want to avoid spoilers...


It's fun, nicely themed (though could be better). There's a good variety and mix and things going on, and it's just a well presented, well staffed good day out. Hopefully it grows and develops and can iron out any early problems it has had!


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