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  1. Sorry but that is just downright ridiculous, please elaborate. It's the biggest eyesore
  2. Saw: The Ride is not actually as bad as everyone makes out, but it is too short. People just want something to hate on
  3. The LED Mask was used on Sunday when I visited, luck of the draw I guess Wouldn't be surprised if it's cut, like many other things, that's always the way
  4. The actual, real and honest review Survival Games They're chatting **** when they say this is the biggest investment to date. It's just a dome with plain black walls. Where did the money go!? It was fun, I enjoyed free-flow concept again, and being split from the group is always unnerving for me. Being split is the only reason I would still have any sense of 'fear' when going round again. So much wasted potential here though, the story is barely told. Trailers Same as last year, not scary in the slightest, predictable, needs more actors, or to be demolished/replaced all together. Also people need to stop blaming actor shortages on breaks etc, the experience should be consistent no matter what time of day you do it, this applies to any scare maze/attraction. Creak Freak Again, nothing changed apart from mention of Exodus. Distinct lack of chainsaws, also needs more actors. Deaths Doors My god, what a load of absolute dog****, this is up there as one of the biggest jokes the park has ever installed. It's so rubbish all you can do is laugh. Sorry but it's true, anyone that says anything otherwise is lying to you. Lets take this for what it really is, knocking on some cheap wood and getting the worlds worst actors to do the famous merlin pig snort. An absolute embarrassment. The Terminal It's a thing. I think it was overhyped by enthusiasts because they creamed themselves when they saw Darkfield. It's just recycled shipping containers, and noise cancelling headphones. Oh and a single thump at the start. How Thorpe have the audacity to make this an upcharge is frankly nothing short of ballsy. It's not worth it at all. The Crows Why does this exist? Nobody knows. Regardless of time of day you do this, I just personally do not find this scary or creepy at all. There is a story that is being told on the PA system and by an actor simultaneously, but of course they aren't saying the same thing so it's all just a bit of a mess. Birthday Bash Didn't see it, cant comment. I imagine not much has changed. Legacy A somewhat improvement over last year. They moved the screen from the dome and relied too much on it. Nice visuals. Not enough effects. Fire goes off about twice, probably dont have the budget for anymore gas canisters. Will never be on the same level as Wastelands, so they should try their own idea instead. Amityhigh/Lycanthorpe Thank God this is going. Roaming Actors There was none unless they were walking between the dome and their respective maze/zone. Creak Freaks Unchained non-existent, area is a ghost town. Dont look behind the heras fencing its depressing. Unfortunately Fright Nights seems to take two steps forward and one step back every year. Audio around the park is a mess, lets be honest, it's never going to be fixed, they've been trying for over a decade. There is absolutely zero atmosphere on park, it baffles me how other places in the UK with less budget can put on a proper halloween event with incredible scares, atmosphere and concepts. But a multi million pound park gets it wrong YoY. Such a shame because I used to absolutely love Fright Nights, now it's just an annual tick in the box. Overal Rating: 3/10
  5. It's worth noting also, that the fire effect has been removed from the fire truck
  6. Okay, so, we're never bringing it back. But we are.
  7. Absolutely no way they would know how to operate something like that, they can barely run Fins Infinity 360 Grill
  8. The first person to even ask/suggest it's coming back, is getting permanently banned.
  9. I don't understand how this won, it was some hay bales, some lightbulbs and about 3 actors. It was sh*t
  10. Terrible. Just terrible.
  11. You are correct, the responsibilities have been delegated to different teams now. Absolutely no idea why, it's just going to make life harder for themselves. This was apparent on opening day, where WWTP was completely switched off over at Stealth, half of Amity Cove was silent, that could be due to the stage that's there.
  12. This thread needs renaming as they have thankfully scrapped the Bombs Away suffix
  13. Whilst I appreciate that this would only please the hardcore fans, it doesn't mean that the show shouldn't fall short on the storytelling aspect. It sounds like they tried to start one, but completely just lost it and turned it into a drum and bass ear rape. I think the problem here is that the composer made it for themselves and their friends, rather than actually thinking about what it was actually for.
  14. It’s sh*t. There was so much potential, but once again, it was over promise and under deliver.
  15. Squid Games, Episode 5 Theres a sample of the original Colossus theme at the start of the episode. Incase anyone cares
  16. Anyone who says The Big Top is coming back, should be banned for the rest of the year πŸ‘πŸ» IT'S πŸ‘πŸ» NOT πŸ‘πŸ» COMING πŸ‘πŸ» BACK
  17. StevenVig

    2021 Season

    If you listen a bit longer I may or may not be on hold
  18. I went last Thursday and now all the lights are off. I'll be back for the Black Mirror opening, I'll report back then.
  19. Hi Everyone, For those of you who don't know the incredibly talented Nick Hutson has been working on developing his renowned track, Theme Park Fan, into a full blown musical! The musical has been created with contributions from notable UK enthusiasts, including myself. John Wardley is also involved πŸ˜‰ We are also raising money for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), you can donate here if you wish. Finally, we have teamed up with AromaPrime Scents to create an original scent that compliments the show. It'll be premiering on Saturday 6th February 2021 on YouTube, so do check it out!
  20. Apart from the fact that the person you hear is German lol
  21. Key things to note from this job advert Whilst this is very normal every year, we normally have mentions of mazes too, as that is the main part of Fright Nights As someone who went through the audition process last year, I can assure you that the dance element has always been optional. If it's mandatory this year, this to me indicates more 'Terror at Amity High' style shows, and actors probably interacting with the crowd from a distance. Purely speculation
  22. The question is, how on earth will they observe social distancing? Unless they literally batch you and your group only and leave large gaps between groups, but then the question also applies to actors. They can't be permitted to come close to you. I'm not holding my breath on this
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