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  1. Those aren't leg ticklers. Leg ticklers require the gap to be open and free to move in a 180 degree fashion. Those are just cables hanging out of the ventilation plates for the PCs. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  2. Just a note on Aramark On my visit to Chessington yesterday, my group and I deliberately left the park, to have a meal at the neighbouring Beefeater, and then re-entered. Saved a considerable amount, and the food quality was far superior. That says it all.
  3. I'm not 100% sure if the park own the hardware or if it's leased. What I do know is that https://www.adi.tv/ were the ones who installed it. So either the park don't have/arent willing to spend the budget to fix it, or adi's maintenance service is piss poor, which I am very sure it's not. They're one of the leaders in this space.
  4. It won't be done for another 11 years now, lets be honest
  5. Just to manage expectations, John Burton is not involved with Ghost Train at all. So do not expect it to be the same standard as TCaAM 👀
  6. It definitely can be, as you can see from this photo
  7. It's not Thorpe increasing the prices, it's Aramark.
  8. The theme will 100% be something that is rundown, old and rotting. Anything that the park doesn't need to actively maintain. That's all Merlin comes up with when it comes to themes. Just look at World of Jumanji, they can literally let it overgrow naturally, and it will be completely on brand.
  9. Now if they could do this for all the other shipping containers *ahem* shark cabins *ahem*, then they might actually be starting to make progress
  10. It's been confirmed that it's being ripped out
  11. They've literally had 6 years to make it work, if they haven't achieved it in that time, they never will. Everyone knows by now to go in with extremely low expectations, then you wont be disappointed when it turns out to be a shambles.
  12. I'm sorry, it doesn't do anything. You can see that. It will be shiz
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