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  1. They've literally had 6 years to make it work, if they haven't achieved it in that time, they never will. Everyone knows by now to go in with extremely low expectations, then you wont be disappointed when it turns out to be a shambles.
  2. I'm sorry, it doesn't do anything. You can see that. It will be shiz
  3. I thought they did away with brave it backwards following The Smiler....
  4. That, has to be a mistake. All things related to the Derren IP have been ripped out.
  5. SBNO is a Thorpe Park favourite, they love those. If that happens, all they'll do is what they've done here and replace the sign and pretend it never existed 👀
  6. They just simply can't be bothered, and that means they can just theme anything to whatever without any care or reason. Exodus will be a rundown theme, which they will not have to maintain for the next 30 years, 100000% guaranteed Second only to Disney.
  7. It's Merlin, it's definitely poor, as you'll have a billion responsibilities, and unfair expectations probably
  8. Actually when it first opened it was quite heavily themed (definitely not as much as originally planned), but they have failed to maintain it over the years. Thus, it has more or less faded away, but it's there if you know what to look for.
  9. That's never coming back, as the hardware has been ripped out! Has been for the past 2 years at least, I believe
  10. They'll most likely use the space as a new FN maze and market it as the worlds first scare maze with a "ride" half way through. Perhaps a year round scare maze, Saw Alive 2.0 anyone?
  11. Sorry but that is just downright ridiculous, please elaborate. It's the biggest eyesore
  12. Saw: The Ride is not actually as bad as everyone makes out, but it is too short. People just want something to hate on
  13. The LED Mask was used on Sunday when I visited, luck of the draw I guess Wouldn't be surprised if it's cut, like many other things, that's always the way
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