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  1. BounceZilla will bounce back soon! *
  2. Also, I wonder how long it will be before a member of the public punctures it, deliberately. That's inevitable surely.
  3. A few more, credit to TPG
  4. Here's the first photo of this...... thing If the park has ever looked more like a fairground, it's now
  5. VIP Passes are now discontinued, thank god
  6. I don't understand why they had the screens up when literally nothing has changed, what were they trying to hide? 😂
  7. Thing is The UK really doesn't make that much money for the company, in comparison to international parks. There's a market for them to tap into across the world, and it works (apparently), so I do get why their focus is on international. However, that said, I also agree that there needs to be a bigger budget for CwOA, even if it's a one off, it would allow the park to make the changes and improvements it so desperately needs
  8. No, just fanboys
  9. HAHAHA HA HAHA HAHAHAHA AHAHAHA Merlin must be quivering
  10. Discuss No doubt just IAC recycled.
  11. But you can be sure that most of the IAC theming will be recycled in this, 100%
  12. StevenVig


    It has reopened now apparently
  13. StevenVig


    This is classic Merlin. Cheaping out at every opportunity, this has to be a new record for them. Didn't even last a day, even DBGT lasted longer than that 😂
  14. Difference is this is actually trying to tell a story, there was absolutely no story in Hocus Pocus, which meant a free flowing walk through worked. It was just a lot of crazy lights, goblins and some effects (when they worked). If you had ROTB as a free flow walk through, it would make no sense, and for people like myself, who obviously haven't read the books, I would never have understood even the basic premise of the story if it wasn't stop and watch
  15. At this point, might not be a bad idea to do this to the entire park and just start again 😂
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