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  1. StevenVig


    It has reopened now apparently
  2. StevenVig


    This is classic Merlin. Cheaping out at every opportunity, this has to be a new record for them. Didn't even last a day, even DBGT lasted longer than that πŸ˜‚
  3. Difference is this is actually trying to tell a story, there was absolutely no story in Hocus Pocus, which meant a free flowing walk through worked. It was just a lot of crazy lights, goblins and some effects (when they worked). If you had ROTB as a free flow walk through, it would make no sense, and for people like myself, who obviously haven't read the books, I would never have understood even the basic premise of the story if it wasn't stop and watch
  4. At this point, might not be a bad idea to do this to the entire park and just start again πŸ˜‚
  5. An attraction based on an children's book is to 'kiddified', shock horror
  6. StevenVig


    It really would not have been difficult to cover the warehouse in a cheap fibreglass facade of the same colour as the house though.... That is just pure laziness
  7. Who would have rented out the park? Friends & Family Day and AP Day are both run and operated by THORPE PARK Resort........ And have tonnes of entitled MAP Holders and coaster geeks slam the park for reducing the number of days they're open 🀣
  8. It doesn't take a genius, it's to save money obviously. It might be a free day for the guest, but it still costs money to open and run the park. That said, it seems silly to merge them, the expectation of a friends and family guest would be not to see several thousand entitled MAP holders brandishing their bright yellow lanyards everywhere.
  9. Slammer, The Loggers Leap scandal, Fright Nights 2018 was a disaster, Rumba Rapids is beyond fixable now, Saw Alive is sinking and outdated, DBGT was the biggest waste of money in Merlins history Yeah no you're fine....
  10. Jungle Escape, as I predicted, is literally IAC, without the IAC branding. Not surprised, πŸ‘at πŸ‘ all
  11. Every. Single. Year. πŸ™„ There is no Rumba re-theme, can we please stop speculating about a re-theme, it's not happening.
  12. Would not surprise me in the slightest if IAC returned, just without the IAC branding.
  13. StevenVig

    Logger's Leap

    I mean really πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  14. Double post don't care Love how some people even suggested it was a new ride logo 🀣 They really do need to let Virtual Reality go, it's not going to happen for them
  15. Yeah, let's get an extremist promoting, racial slurring, anti-semitic c**t to do a live stream to young children. Great idea. πŸ™„
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