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  1. StevenVig

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    What we can also be certain about is that, whatever they choose to do for the celebrations, it will probably cost you money to participate. That's the Merlin way!
  2. StevenVig

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    I honestly don't think the rangers are going to be returning. They have absolutely no relevance to the park anymore, yes it's the 40th birthday, but lets be honest, if they came back nobody would have any idea who they are and what significance they were back in the day, except the geeks. Also, IAC closed because the contract ended. I am confident that the building will be SBNO, because that's what the park seem to love to do at the moment. This will be the extent of the birthday celebrations
  3. StevenVig

    2019 Season

    What are they going to advertise? "New for 2019, absolutely nothing. Buy an Annual Pass"
  4. StevenVig

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    I'm actually not going to be attending this at all, as I am DJing quite late on Friday night.
  5. StevenVig

    The Swarm

    Lol, Disney do this every single night. ?
  6. StevenVig

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    I might attend the morning part, but will have to leave afternoon sometime
  7. StevenVig

    Closed Season

    Oh my god, I've literally never read such ridiculousness in all my life. You are all reading way too much into what is literally nothing. I'll eat my hat if anything happens there, if there were to be something happening, don't you think you would have seen construction by now?
  8. StevenVig

    Closed Season

    Ah the good old topic, where fanboys live in the clouds and predict the impossible will happen next season. Ok, you realise there is no Arena now, it's Derren Browns Ghost Train. ? Slammer is NOT reopening, I don't know where this rumour started, but just get it out of your heads, it's NOT happening CCR is also NOT reopening, it's dead, it's gone, build a bridge and move on. There will be no topspin, Rameses Revenge is not going to move to Thorpe. Tidal Wave's fire will also never return.
  9. StevenVig

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Apart from The Big Top, all the new music for this year is 100x better than all of the IMASnore music.
  10. StevenVig

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Just to clear things up about WWTP The reason such upbeat tracks were chosen, is because Big Bob describes the terror and massacres that are occurring in such a positive tone of voice, bit creepy right? Imagine someone telling you that you are all going to die with a massive smile on their face, and then Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows is played. It's not immediately obvious, but if you listen it is there.
  11. Can we have this topic moved out of The Future, as it is present!
  12. StevenVig

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I think people are hearing the cheery 60s tracks and are automatically assuming that it is the usual loop. It's not unless you stop and listen to the brand new Big Bob vocals, that you will realise why these tracks have been chosen. Everyone is just expecting Monster Mash ?
  13. Don’t think so ?