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  1. Merlin clearly had a deal with the manufacturer of the monstrosity, minimum order was probably 3, Towers incoming
  2. Debatable, it's one of the worst rides in the park imo. Bar its few opening years when it had it's original theming, the speed was incredible
  3. StevenVig

    Youtube Videos

    Sticking this anywhere because it needs attention. This video had me howling, watch until the end ???
  4. I can picture it now Walk through this abandoned log flume, sat derelict for 100 years, come face to face with the lost souls of loggers leap. Will just be an actor with a torch. Basically the loggers version of platform
  5. Very helpful thank you! I'll be visiting alone tomorrow, so good to know where to head first!
  6. I don’t know what’s in those pipes you lot are smoking. But Saw Alive hasn’t been good since it’s first year. From the second year on it was a constant downward spiral. Good riddance.
  7. You're not serious about this are you?
  8. The whole ride and it's being is a regular issue ?
  9. BounceZilla will bounce back soon! *
  10. Also, I wonder how long it will be before a member of the public punctures it, deliberately. That's inevitable surely.
  11. A few more, credit to TPG
  12. Here's the first photo of this...... thing If the park has ever looked more like a fairground, it's now
  13. VIP Passes are now discontinued, thank god
  14. I don't understand why they had the screens up when literally nothing has changed, what were they trying to hide? ?
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