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  1. This is the saddest title to a topic I've ever heard 🙄
  2. This is actually probably about 98% accurate, let's be honest
  3. There was a fire at Towers https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-alton-towers-fire-x-20850911
  4. Let's not forget Quantum, which has more or less been SBNO this entire season.
  5. Don’t know where to stick this, but know that some of you will be interested in this
  6. It'll be a new patch of grass and countless new ways for you to spend more money
  7. I doubt it, they already know they are charging the earth. Any more expensive and their throughputs will decrease significantly (I imagine)
  8. No, but I want it to fall through, two log flumes in one park!? This only works at BPB, because, well, Valhalla
  9. I couldn't be bothered to quote anything else, but this I had to, bar 10am-10pm the opening hours are crap
  10. Would not surprise me if they announced this is to permanently close at the end of season, and never gets removed.
  11. I'm not sure it is a "silly reason", whilst it was entertaining, to some poking fun at mental health is a dangerous game and puts the reputation of the park in jeopardy. The park had to consider the implications of continuing it, and whilst I'm sad it left, I agree with the decision they made. Additionally, the maze had been operating since Fright Nights began, and so it was time for a new maze anyway
  12. Considering a lot of rides are 9/10 tokens each, it's still the cheapest way to do Winter Wonderland. Also, no queues! (mostly)
  13. They were both exactly the same, just the route was reversed when it changed to The Asylum, and the iconic freezer entrance removed This maze will not return.
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