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  1. Just found this on the job listing for ents performers in-ride surprise and delights? Nothing delightful about DBGT:ROTD and The Walking Dead, so could it be something else?
  2. Most of these artists were current & relevant at the time of the event, so it's a decent lineup. Let's also not forget that time Faithless played live in the arena in 2005
  3. No, there were some notable artists on the lineup.....
  4. Grow up, it's a theme park, not a drug πŸ™„
  5. Just because I've looked in the topic doesn't mean I feel the same......
  6. This is the saddest title to a topic I've ever heard πŸ™„
  7. This is actually probably about 98% accurate, let's be honest
  8. There was a fire at Towers https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-alton-towers-fire-x-20850911
  9. StevenVig

    2019 Season

    Let's not forget Quantum, which has more or less been SBNO this entire season.
  10. StevenVig

    2019 Season

    Don’t know where to stick this, but know that some of you will be interested in this
  11. It'll be a new patch of grass and countless new ways for you to spend more money
  12. I doubt it, they already know they are charging the earth. Any more expensive and their throughputs will decrease significantly (I imagine)
  13. No, but I want it to fall through, two log flumes in one park!? This only works at BPB, because, well, Valhalla
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