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Blackpool Central

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Today Blackpool Council announced £300 million plans to develop the site of the old Central Railway Station into a new entertainment attraction, scheduled to open in 2024.


Attractions include:


The Flying Theatre



Virtual reality experience



Alien Diner



A Multi-media exhibition



Adventure Land



Thrill and Gaming Zone



There are also plans for hotels, shops, and restaurants to complement the new area.


More info: https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Your-Council/Creating-a-better-Blackpool/Blackpool-Central/Blackpool-Central.aspx https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-46476635


So what are your thoughts on this? Personally I think it looks like an amazing addition to Blackpool and will be a great addition to the line up of already existing attractions.

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Looks good! But with it built in phases the first phase will need to be successful or I just can't see it expanding to the full thing. Still there is far more hope if this happening than The London Resort! 

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Looks amazing but I just don't see it happening or being successful, especially in Blackpool.

Blackpool is kinda a shell of its former self right now and there is so many attractions that exist currently like BPB, Sandcastle, Ripleys, and all the Merlin crap that already kinda soak up the tourists (what is left of them) so I'm interested whether this will bring more people in or will just completely fail.


I hope this does bring more people to the town but I have my doubts. If done right though I guess this could propel Blackpool back to the destination it was once was.

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