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Advertised Fastrack Prices Incorrect?


This might not be a question, but more of an observation. It seems that the £50/£90 Island unlimited fastrack tickets which are for on-peak / off-peak pricing are not the only two tiers of pricing. Thorpe Park are now charging £100 for days where the park may be open later, so it appears that they have introduced an additional pricing tier, without advertising this. Pretty poor, but hopefully they update their website soon to reflect this as at the moment, the information is incorrect and I feel I've been done out of £20!

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2 hours ago, Mark9 said:

I'd say you were done out of a lot more then £20 to be honest.

For somebody who hasn't been to the park in over 5 years and is travelling from another country, it's not as bad value as it might be for those who get the chance to go to the park often. The park isn't huge, you can get around it relatively quickly with the standard Fastrack tickets, therefore at least with the unlimited, we will be able to go back on anything we like multiple times. 

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