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    2021 Season

    So I went to the park on 30th October - had an enjoyable day, but I have to say that I felt like the park is in a complete state. I didn't make a list, but small things like the numbers in the boarding area for rush and just general wear and tear throughout the park it just felt dirty and extremely tired. Sinks not working in the toilets etc, it's a shame to see it like this. I know it's never been the cleanest of places and it's the end of the season, but this shouldn't be an excuse. They should be putting maximum effort into making the park look presentable for their busiest period of the season. It felt like a 'Pop-up' event, everything seemed very temporary about the place and the cost-cuttings are evident throughout the park. One example appears to be the closure of multiple park-owned F&B and retail units and the introduction of out-sourced suppliers. Another examples is the reduction in staff numbers on Rides. Obviously the park was extremely busy, we paid for Ultimate fastrack and got on everything, but the queues were still pretty long so we ended up going home at about 7ish. I personally won't attend Fright Nights again, my previous visit was during covid restrictions and I enjoyed it alot more. I really hope that through the closed season the park focus on improving the general presentation throughout the park and look to re-open their F&B units too. My standards are alot lower than when I used to visit the park regularly and when I used to work there, I wouldn't say I'm an enthusiast anymore. I'm someone that visits once a year and comes over especially to visit, but it was poor and unless I see evidence of significant improvements next season I can't imagine I'll be going back again.
  2. Yeah, fingers crossed. Always a couple of rides that seem to struggle with longer fastrack queues than others from my experience. All depends on how the loads are being batched also. I've e-mailed the park to clarify the rides included in the fastrack package as it isn't overly clear in the T&C's.
  3. I went for the cheaper one without mazes on, but as long as we can get on all the rides and the queues aren’t really bad then I’ll be happy enough.
  4. This is what I recall seeing when I purchased them, however the website now has a much smaller list. Going to contact the park tomorrow for clarification. They should honour the T&C’s when it was purchased.
  5. I’ve just realised something. It seems as though most of the flat rides are removed from the ultimate fastrack and it’s only for the coasters from the looks of the website. Can someone confirm?
  6. For fastrack? I’ve paid out quite a lot of money for these tickets so if I have to wait in queues all day I’ll not be pleased.
  7. I can see that the park is now sold out, with the exception of Sunday. I completely forgot this was half term week. Does anyone know how bad the fastrack queues have been on days where the park is at capacity?
  8. Thank you for sharing that info - what a shame, I'll certainly think twice about purchasing the maze tickets now if it requires having to queue for an hour!
  9. JDann

    2021 Season

    That's actually really helpful and something I wasn't aware of - I'll probably opt to stick with purchasing the usual Ultimate Fastrack and then purchase the mazes that we want to do on the day then!
  10. JDann

    2021 Season

    They've just changed the Fastrack for Fright Nights - It is now £150 if you want to include the mazes for the ultimate.
  11. An hour! Used to have it up and running within 15-20 minutes when it rolled back. Has it been windy / cold the last few mornings?
  12. JDann

    2021 Season

    Yeah - Not for me then, would feel quite awkward having to drag around some poor soul for the day in all honesty! I’d have been tempted if there was some other perks, but I can’t see how you get any value out of that price.
  13. JDann

    2021 Season

    Yeah that was my thought - I'd say the host probably takes you up the exit (Not in that way), but I can't say that justifies an extra £150pp.
  14. JDann

    2021 Season

    Has anyone done the VIP package? I was having a look, but it looks like you're essentially just paying alot more money for an ultimate fast-track. Ultimate Fastrack and Park Entry is about £160 for Fright Nights, the VIP package is £295 and the only difference appears to be that I'd have a dedicated host with me for 8 hours of the day (Which I really don't require!) is there any other benefit of the VIP package that I'm missing?
  15. Does it still get stuck in the brake run - I used to have to go and push the trains to get them back into the station. Also remember it stalling once before it made it to the second lift hill due to the snow
  16. JDann

    2021 Season

    Wonder if Fastrack / VIP will make a return at some point this season. I tweeted the park about it but they told me to just keep an eye on the website, which is a shame as I would have liked to have planned to visit in the next couple of months.
  17. It's 50% off the on-the-day price, so £27.50. I think there is VAT and an additional charge also. All I know is that when me and my partner tried to use this, it ended up being the exact same price as the advanced ticket price direct through Thorpe Park.
  18. JDann


    I think Samurai was actually running quite a decent cycle on Friday. Maybe due to there being absolute no queue whatsoever, but the ride cycle was a good 5 minutes long. Nowhere at Top Buzz levels, but was impressed considering I remember it running some abysmal settings many years back. It was actually closed in the Morning aswell, so not sure if this had any relevance.
  19. I used Fastrack on it Friday, got straight through to the door and then waited nearly an hour before being allowed in. As somebody that had no idea about how this ride operates, I was wondering if there was some sort of technical issues with it. Transpires that it probably wasn't too uncommon for this to happen.
  20. So... I went on this for the first time on Friday and was simply astonished by it. Astonished that somebody, somewhere, signed off a huge sum of money to build this. I went into this with an open mind and not knowing what to expect, but it was quite simply, terrible. I believe that the ride has already been here for a couple of years, I can't see any way that this thing lasts longer than maybe another couple, even with enhancements and changes, the concept is just poor. They'd be better off ripping down whats inside and making this into a scare-maze.
  21. For somebody who hasn't been to the park in over 5 years and is travelling from another country, it's not as bad value as it might be for those who get the chance to go to the park often. The park isn't huge, you can get around it relatively quickly with the standard Fastrack tickets, therefore at least with the unlimited, we will be able to go back on anything we like multiple times.
  22. This might not be a question, but more of an observation. It seems that the £50/£90 Island unlimited fastrack tickets which are for on-peak / off-peak pricing are not the only two tiers of pricing. Thorpe Park are now charging £100 for days where the park may be open later, so it appears that they have introduced an additional pricing tier, without advertising this. Pretty poor, but hopefully they update their website soon to reflect this as at the moment, the information is incorrect and I feel I've been done out of £20!
  23. Hi All, Plan a trip to Alton Towers Mid-August, obviously going to be completely rammed due to it being school holidays etc. I plan to get 2 Day Tickets, Plus the best Fastrack available so I don't have to spend any time queueing. I'm after some advice as to what the most economical way to do this could possibly be. Obviously the park offers package deals, but I think there are probably cheaper ways to do it. Are there any offers around for cheap tickets at the moment etc? Any Advice appreciated. JD
  24. For me, it comes down to responsibility and accountability. You can work your way up the hierarchy at the park, but do they even know themselves who to hold to account for these sorts of issues? In such a large park, with so many dependencies to get right before the beginning of a season it is a huge task with so many managers / team leaders involved to ensure everything goes to plan. I've seen it first hand before and when things don't go to plan like this, from the ground up, you cannot really see anything that changes. The only hope is that senior management are held accountable for these mistakes, regardless of why they happened as they are responsible and look to improve their process's to ensure that it does not happen again, but from the outside looking in (and from the inside when I worked there) this seems to be a very rare occurrence.
  25. Double Sided printouts. What a farce they are.
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