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  1. Does Chessington merge the fastrack queue with the RAP queue?
  2. I don't even know what they can do as they've created this culture and that will be hard to break. Sometimes it feels like a lot of RAP users only seem to go too Chessington to exploit a system. I know that sounds incredibly ignorant but its hard to ignore pictures of Fury in particular. It never got to that amount of people waiting when I worked there for example.
  3. It's a pretty small park. if you don't get on Buffalo straight away then don't bother with it. Other stand out rides are Shockwave (best pun ever), Maelstrom and Apocalypse. If you have kids, then Thomas Land is a must. if you don't then at the very least go in to ride Troublesome Trucks and the Toby the tram's spinning flat ride. it's far from being an all day park these days but it still has something worth doing.
  4. Mark9


    Hard to not see it as extortionate and opportunist. It's a clown price for a clown park.
  5. I thought it was going to have 6 rows so 7 is a nice capacity boost. The swift first drop that made its debut with Oz'Iris makes me wish B&M hadn't stuck with the pre-drop for so long. I also like that big bulky support. This should be good. Might be one of the last B&M inverters to be built as well so I hope its a good one to bow out on.
  6. 2021 Edition Part two. The other day, someone said Steel Vengeance was over-rated. I'm going to stand out here, shout to the world that if you decide to refer to something as over-rated then you have no critical discourse whatsoever and you need to pick up a thesaurus and learn some new descriptive language. Saying something is over-rated is the laziest critique anyone can possibly muster up because it requires no explanation and only looks to disregard peoples opinion. It says to others, 'sure you like a ride but thats only because you're following the crowd. No, I am the only tru
  7. 2021 edition Part 1 People who think in a Nemesis vs Nemesis Inferno poll, that preferring Inferno is a controversial opinion. It's not, it's completely understandable and is discussed almost weekly by twitter coaster enthusiasts. People who think Southerners hate Blackpool Pleasure Beach because its in the North. What kind of stupidity is that? I also hate Margate for similar reasons to the town of Blackpool for the sole reason its an absolute dive. I really think its ludicrous that people will completely dismiss rides like Icon and Helix because their laun
  8. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    I mean you wouldn't when you have another four Legolands to build.
  9. Back in 2017 I said Stealth and Furius Baco. I still stand by those two to be honest. The thing with Dragster is you've got to be lucky enough to get on the stupid thing. Half of that ride for me was just relief that I'd got on it and could ignore it for the rest of my trip. After the first roll back I saw and the resultant queue line evacuation, every single time it launched I was a ball of nerves, worrying it would rollback (which it did) and be closed for another hour. Stealth may be half the height, but for ride value, at least you can ride the thing relatively easily and its
  10. Can't wait. I really like the event thing they're attempting. Sure it comes about because of a huge reduction in restaurant space but, what the hell. its something different and something unique for the UK. More please.
  11. I fear our beloved Prince is not long for this world.
  12. Deep down I'd like for them to aim for something higher than the bare minimum. Thats the only crux really.
  13. Almost as stupid as seatbelts on the B&M hypers on Cedar Fair rides. 'I'm sure this tiny little seatbelt is far safer then this giant restraint sitting on my lap.
  14. Depends what the local funfairs are willing to loan out I suppose.
  15. I'm all in for the breakdance love in this topic. I wonder whatever happened to Dynamo
  16. What flat rides should they be getting as permanent additions?
  17. I'm happy. Could they throw in a breakdance for good measure. And not one of those rubbish barrel ones, a proper one.
  18. 1. Nostalgia. The construction of Inferno, Stealth, Slammer, Rush. Riding Inferno 48 times in a day. Walking up the Colossus lift hill for the tenth anniversary (after riding it for an hour), riding the Swarm for an hour in the pouring rain for a press shoot. Thorpes jump from tiny regional park to big regional park coincided with my real growth as a rollercoaster fan and I will have always have rose tinted glasses for the 2001-2005 era where it felt like the future of the park was exciting and with no boundaries. 2. Friends. I don't think my social circle would be anywhere near wh
  19. Funny story, I once bought a reduced Gatekeeper shirt at Cedar Point. RIP Gatekeeper.
  20. it just means the ride is on the rise, the height of popularity. It's never been a better time to be a fan of Derren Browns Ghost Train.
  21. I can list what was a sketchy plan and as a bonus I'll even update it for you as to why its cancelled. Lucky for all. April Californias Great America Disneyland California Cancelled as we can't leave the country Alternative plan is to visit Paultons for Tornado Springs and a trip to Chessington as the fiancé hasn't been for 12 years. August Tivoli Gardens - Denmark Wonder Island - Russia Linnanmaki - Finland Grona Lund - Sweden Probably all will be cancelled because even if we got on the cruise ship, the
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