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    Happy 25th to the UK's most well loved and admired rollercoaster. To think on this day in 1994 a coaster that would come to define a generation of fans was opening for the first time. And in all this time, for me at least, nothing built since can match this iconic ride.
  2. Mark9


    When you say try do you actually mean 'hides show building completely'?
  3. Air's theme was non existent so I mean we've gained a bit of theming. I think this is great news personally, I'd always liked Air but the VR really stopped me riding as the queue was just way too damn long. Welcome back great operations and shorter queue times.
  4. Knowing that number 5 was a genuine Thorpe meme says a lot.
  5. I worry about the pacing on this and the Parc Asterix ride. Taron and Helix (and potentially the new Finnish coaster) is they build up and up and they have a really good flow. I don't really like the slowing to a stop then falling back down feeling.
  6. Mark9


    As we know, Annual Pass holders are the most considerate, open minded and tolerant of Thorpe Parks guests. They will be completely fine with Stealth and Quantum being closed. Crap.
  7. Mark9

    Your Thorpe Park

    I mean, this is already happening hence why Thorpe has been completely directionless for years.
  8. Is this easy money? Because in two years time it will be budget cut, limited opening hours, closed on off peak. I question if something with this limited a shelf life should be opening anyway and if they should spend any money on something that when the advertisers get bored of it, deserves to have extensive work. For something that in 2021 (like everything that side of the park) will be completely forgotten, it looks fine. I remember a year ago, pre-opening, when the Wicker Man was ripped to shreds by enthusiasts too. It's what we do.
  9. Looks fine. Clearly not finished. I'd slag it off but I'm never going to go in it anyway and the negative reactions on here with this and RotB have been predictable AF.
  10. It's changed already. I enjoyed the outrage though.
  11. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    Oh the memories.
  12. The more I think about RMC, the more I really like them. Whether its original creations or reimagining older woodies, they have a real knack for quality. I'm really starting to regret Heide not RMC'ing Colossos.
  13. Mark9

    2019 Season

    Thats still the second most exciting thing they've added in the last decade.
  14. 'Guest satisfaction Our ongoing product investment and innovation, and relentless focus on creating memorable experiences for our guests throughout 2018 have resulted in continued strong levels of guest satisfaction. Guest feedback is monitored daily through the touchscreens at our attractions, generating over one million reviews each year. In 2018 we delivered an overall guest satisfaction score across the Group of 95%, and ‘Net Promoter’ score of 57%, which increased by three percentage points.' Interesting.
  15. That looks really cool.
  16. Heading? It's on an increasingly downward spiral and has been since The Smiler/Drayton rapid incidents. With Brexit and higher costs of living about to hit and hit hard, I think we are going to lose a lot of parks over the next few years.
  17. We've got Paultons, they give a damn.
  18. Mark9

    2019 Season

    It's just completely inappropriate really. A lot of the replies love it though so I guess if you loved Thorpe, just don't visit anymore and visit parks that value your time and money. Thorpe sure as hell don't anymore.
  19. Love it. It's like when Bob Iger slagged of Expedition Everest and the creator of that attraction Joe Rhode did a massive long instagram post about the inspiration behind Everest and why it wasn't just some non descript ride around India or whatever. Wonderful. More of that please.
  20. Words cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to your review of Magnum XL.
  21. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    That help section is so full of bulls**t. Why not be just honest for a change and say it was too expensive to refurbish because years of neglect had taken its toll. Losing its magic indeed, give me strength.
  22. In good log flume news, Tiger Rock has been getting a system overhaul over the closed season. New operating panel, new operating systems. I'd say we should expect a later opening this year..
  23. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    Question for Coaster Jamie.
  24. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    Bit of closure at last for a few on here. The way they closed and deliberately misled people over the last three years is the real story here. I made my peace with Loggers closure years back and I think my favourite memory of this ride will always be riding it for 7 hours for charity back in 2004. It will forever be one of my favourite log flumes for its short and snappy ride length, decent drops and surprising level of wetness. Whilst there are technically more superior log flumes these days, Loggers was a classic. The way Thorpe treated this ride towards the end of its life with its historical significance was pretty shameful IMO.
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