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  1. I'm as cynical as the next guy so therefore I think your post is a bit much. New ride breaks down, not to be unexpected, worlds best description given by a lot of people who have ridden but are likely to be swayed by 'exclusivity' and 'the hype train' and frankly, its Disney World around the holiday season. Flight of Passage was sporting a four hour queue last week. None of this is any surprise.
  2. So they aren't repainting it then?
  3. The forum filter should put £'s, $'s or euro signs in every theme parks name. I'm off to £ft£ling.
  4. Perspective though, The Southern parks have better transport links to London (ie 8 million potential customers from Central alone), they are also cheaper to run being smaller and require less staffing budget and therefore are able to budget 5pm closes. Towers has never had that kind of flex, in all my time visiting theme parks, Towers has always had these restricted visiting hours. The Smiler incident only really highlighted how much more restricted they can go. That isn't reality though. Even on 5pm closes, a lot of people have already left and the park is dead, people wishing to avoid the rush hour traffi, the only exception is when its very hot. That's when the park should stay open later. In an ideal world, yeah the park would be fully staffed and all rides open, full availability, 6pm closures. But we don't live in that world.
  5. Chessington X1 Alton Towers X2 Thorpe Park X1 Efteling X2 Walibi Holland X1 Toverland X1 Europa Park X3 Disneyland Paris X6 visits (probably 21 days in Disneyland Park and four in Studio Parc) Magic Kingdom X3 Epcot X1 Hollywood Studios X2 Animal Kingdom X3 Lazy year.
  6. Mark9


    I'm into a lot of different types of communities. I love Star Wars, I love Pokemon, I love Disney & I love Doctor Who. All of these communities love ripping apart each other and the products of their respective fandom. People hating on Episode 8 or the Doctor now being a woman. But the coaster community for me is barely like that. Everyone has the odd bit of rage but on the whole, we stay far more passionate about rollercoasters and theme parks then become 'haters'. It's pretty refreshing.
  7. That meme has been completely destroyed. It was a sleeper hit for months and then boom, now its even a Loggers Leap meme.
  8. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Roll on the waveswinger and breakdance
  9. Bye Rameses. In your time you were truly one of the greats. I've some amazing memories of this ride whether it was the snakes on the sides of the supports and those red restraints or its retheme and my first ride in 2000 to that time when I rode you over and over again for an hour. Even working on this ride as an attendant was a special memory. Only nostalgia will really play its part as I don't think I'd ridden it for at least a decade.
  10. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Breakdance it is then. No one ever says what flat ride Thorpe needs so to hell with it, a little breakdance where slammer is will do.
  11. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    ^ Had to make sure I hadn't posted that in my sleep.
  12. Maybe Liz truss sold it to them accidentally.
  13. Is 10-5 most of the season crap then? Looking back they had 8PM closures in August as well.
  14. Now that I've been this season, I think I can safely put some more thoughts down here. Now initially, when I got to the park, I couldn't wait to leave. Admittedly the weather was pretty bleak, with dark clouds over the park making it look washed out and miserable. So:- -Entrance. With all the changes here, the entrance now feels really claustrophobic. I understand the changes required for security reasons but it doesn't make the entrance look inviting in the slightest. They've compacted the area down completely. With all that space at the front what with the drop off area and car park, a better change to open up the entrance should be to push security forwards. I don't like it at all. - The Dome. Why do they insist on making the dome as bland and featureless as possible. Black walls with just a screen breaking up the tedium. I think I preferred the Atlantis theme, it at least made the place vibrant. It doesn't come across like that at all and now completely unfriendly. - The shops. Why are the shops at Thorpe so awful? Bland and featureless. Take the Inferno shop, completely empty, so much open space with nothing of real interest to buy. The Thorpe megastore, painted in boring white on the inside. The Colossus shop with half of it barricaded off. What exactly is that about. We know this company can do interesting shops (The Smiler and The Wicker Man for example) so why does Thorpe get so shafted? - Rumba Rapids. This gets a special mention as this thing is absolutely dire. It was never exactly a special rapids, as Thunder River it was plain as a cracker but it had some charm at the very least. What Rumba is now is appalling and needs to leave. I don't think it can be saved anymore. What have they done to the look of this ride? The fencing paint is awful, you'd think this was an abandoned theme park or in some Japanese park that opens for four hours a week. Not an Island like no other. No splashing, no waves, embarrassing theming, bland and featureless. Waste of time. - Amity Cove. Anyone aware of my past Thorpe love will know that Amity Cove and Tidal Wave used to be my favourite ride and park area in the UK. What have they done to this area, I'm talking specifically about the Tidal Wave area. Why have they chosen to try and hide Tidal Wave behind things like Bear Grills punch bags, waffle shops, basketball hoops etc. Why is the Tidal Wave entrance hidden behind a set of Coke freestyle machines. Why was the splash pool bridge taken out and the pathway next to it turned into a smoking area? When I was a young little TP fan, the Tidal Wave entrance sign never worked. Now that it does, the sign can barely be seen because of the amount of stuff chucked into the area. And what is worse is that none of it is themed at all. Not even a small attempt to make it work in the area. It's a 1950's themed American fishing village but you can hardly tell. I've long given up on the water tanker sending out water of the fire hydrant going off but the rest of it, isn't nice for me. - The food offerings. So I'm at the fortunate age where I prefer to have nice meals at theme parks and not rush around with KFC or Burger King. So why is it hard to find something nice at TP? Chessington has the Barbecue place, Alton has Woodcutters and Food Loop. Thorpe has the dome restaurant which is so far behind most theme parks, it makes me somewhat sad. Why aren't menus on tables regularly available? I remember last year that when I went, you couldn't buy food before 12pm. I can get smashed on stella if I wish, but a burger and fries is too far. The barbecue place near Old Town suffers from being outside at fright Nights time and the Pizza restaurant is only really a valid option if you want to be a glutton. So its the dome or fast food and I thought it was below par. Chips were nice though. - Aesthetics. Colossus's concreting off water areas, Inferno's track slowly turning white, the chewing gum pole at Saw the ride and the subsequent litter all over the indoor section, The area near Walking Dead and Storm Surge being a complete theming catastrophe, areas such as Inferno's queue stairs flooding. It's all very ugly and some are quick fixes. But you know what.. there are positives. Full capacity is something I always approve off, effects such as all of Inferno's smoking and Tidal Waves entrance sign working or The Swarm where the operator insisted the attendant turn the train lights on. The rides are on the whole, actually okay. Good opening hours. Good lighting. So yeah..
  15. 100% agreed. Can't believe that Thorpe is pretty much at its lowest ebb right now and yet Inferno looked and rode fantastic last night. It really comes alive in the dark.😍
  16. Which ridiculous health and safety measure are you most angry at?
  17. Mark9

    Top 10's

    Looking pretty likely that there will be no more new rollercoasters this year so, here by-in lies the top ten new rollercoasters I have ridden in 2019. 1. Untamed - Seems pretty inevitable this. Easily one of the finest rollercoasters in Europe. It currently sits a number 4 of my top list and it really is stunning. Breath-taking air time and relentless pacing, this ride is well up my alley. 2. Fenix - A really good B&M Wing-rider. The shorter the trains are, the far better the ride experience. This is a very paced, fast ride and despite its unfinished look in places, has an incredibly scenic setting over the lake. 3. Troy - This is surprising for me because so few actually really talk about it. Fast paced, aggressive air time throughout and a nice long ride. I feel a bit.. underwhelmed that Wicker Man wasn't more akin to Troy in hindsight. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed Troy. 4. Dwivelwind - Oh man. This was like ride crack. We couldn't get enough of this small but perfect Mack spinning ride. We rode ten times and was always left wanting more. 5. Lost Gravity - I'm not too sure why I wasn't more blown away by this as its clearly an excellent ride and pretty terrifying. I found the outer seat on the back row slightly shaken so it wasn't the normal Mack level I was expecting. 6. Goliath - An Intamin mega I actually like?! Yeah this was good, nice pacing, good air time, good little layout and that turn around was one of the best. 7. Slinky Dog Dash - I'm a little unsure how a family friendly Mack launch feels more intense then Icon but nonetheless this ride is pretty good actually. It's like an unthemed big Thunder Mountain with nice pops of air time throughout. 8. Speed of Sound - A boomerang with a relatively okay theme and soundtrack? What is this madness? I had a soft spot for this ride despite its longer then I'd like to wait queue. 9. Booster Bike - Yeah this was okay if nothing outstanding. Not much more to say. 10. Water side of Joris en de Draak - Frankly, I don't like racing rollercoasters and I didn't find this particularly exciting to be honest. It was either this or Condor.. Walah, very Holland heavy this year.
  18. Mark9

    2019 Season

    Thorpe probably needs less closed SBNO flat rides to be honest.
  19. Mark9

    Your Thorpe Park

    Any particular kind of flat ride?
  20. Mark9

    Your Thorpe Park

    What new flat rides?
  21. Please keep it red Flamingoland, I tire of these boring coloured rollercoasters.
  22. Mark9

    The Blade

    Exactly, Buccaneer only just gone SBNO and Toadstool is next to a scaryish attraction. It makes sense.
  23. Mark9

    The Blade

    It will become a scare maze?
  24. What an odd thing to say.
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