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Fright Nights 2020


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1 hour ago, Glitch said:

Dead end terror zone says hi!

I mean, some would class that zero.. ;)

Not me tbf, but 2010 was a long time ago. And the park did have a scare zone called 'Scare Zone' in its first year between the mazes.

It might not be zero, but it's so close to be zero it may as well be.


9 minutes ago, Coaster said:

I mean, I first visited Fright Nights age 11 and started enjoying scare mazes from that age, I had done other (scarier) attractions younger than that such as the Horror Hotel at Littlehampton.  Really don't see the need to tame things down for families, they are called scare attractions for a reason.


Look at Creepy Caves!  CWOA is hardly a thrill park yet that's more intense than anything Thorpe has produced in years.


I see both sides of it. 


If you reimagine Fright Nights into a separate event, with an age restriction or similar, it gives a much wider scope for what can be done. If you create an event where everyone is there exclusively to be scared, no asterisks, you can in particular make scare zones and pathways and street entertainment more intense if you want. But if families can go and choose to go (as happens at Thorpe, regardless of Thorpe's attempts), it can complicate things.


But equally, the current set up can work. I think Thorpe are doing fine with what they're doing; it's not really their fault families choose to go.  Really what the park should look to do is pump more money into the event so they can have the wide variety of stuff, keeping up with high level scares, plus having stuff which is a bit more family friendly.

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On 5/13/2021 at 6:31 PM, Glitch said:

I really do think Thorpe need to remodel the Fright nights....

Lets bill this thing as being scary, close the park at 2PM have a discounted day ticket price for families and then open 4PM - 11PM or later if permitted, for say over 15's only, with a strict door ID policy.

Well they need to actually make fright nights, scary, again to do that. But hold on, bit of an issue with that... They've not had a scary fright nights attraction since Asylum in 2013.

As much as I like your idea, the reason there were so many families is because Fright Nights now has a reputation for not being particularly scary. I mean at the end of the day, it is all about reputation. Back in the day, Thorpe would never have had to operate an ID system for under 13s etc as people knew what they were getting themselves into. You cant force a perspective by making it seem scary cus ur IDing people who may be too young for the image that you personally have about who can handle it, you have to create that image again by bringing in scary attractions.


Plus, it isnt fair to make it strictly 15 or over. Not only is that too old, I was that terrified 12 year old back in FN2012 and loved it. While I understand ur point, it isnt the right way to fix the problem.


However the idea of closing the part for day guests I actually think is a good idea. Do what Universal do, but dont shut out age groups. Its their problem after all. As you said, I'd love to hear stories of parents complaining about fright nights being too "fright"ening 😂. Which would eventually stop happening if Thorpe can build Fright Nights reputation again.

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