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  1. Big year, big potential.... so a big post aswell 😁 I've thought this since the 2020 lineup was announced. The best that could come out of FN2020 is that they continue and carry the same concepts of all the new scarezones etc through into 2021. I never got to actually go this year but the event seemed better than I originally thought it would be when they announced it. If Thorpe can start getting their mazes right again and have a combination of 5 great mazes and some good scarezones that would be what fright nights has always missed imo. It would create one of the best scare events
  2. Bit late, I know... I understand the reasons why they wanna charge so much for the mazes... However there's absolutely no chance I'm paying £10 for Platform 15 or Blair witch (or its new equivalent). Only mazes I'd pay a tenner for are Ex10 and Asylum. The only good thing I can see coming out of this event really is Thorpe hopefully carrying this improvement in parkwide atmosphere and theming into future events. Hopefully one day we'll see both better mazes again, and consistent Halloween Horror Nights style scarezones and park experiences that have always been missing.
  3. Damn... Ive been so busy and inactive on this thread so disappointed I missed the maze vote. As ive been all over old fright nights years recently. For me Asylum is easily hands down the best. Never did Freezer but it was only slightly different from what I heard Experiment 10 was alot better than Big top for me. However all the rest of the votes I'd say were bang on. Awesome little game shame I missed it
  4. Well my guess is they were paid a stupid amount of money to do it.... Or they thought having an IP was worth it. We all know how much Thorpe love their IPs... And they nearly never pay off. This is another example of that.
  5. I personally thought the shows in there (the arena) were really really nice, not just for anyone but for families in particular. And some of the horror mazes through october they put in there were awesome too... So id welcome a removal sometime in the next couple of years...
  6. Ahahaha. Tbh, I personally think Sub-terra was better... Despite costing so much less and taking up a much much smaller amount of space
  7. I agree... We could have had a fantastic 6th rollercoaster instead with even less money spent, and the rest of that spent on fixing up and re-doing areas of the park. Unbelievable that they thought this was a better investment. Mind boggling.
  8. Yeah it is for sure it is. Does also lend itself to other suggestive things unfortunately as you said. It works well with smaller audiences
  9. That sounds insane. Asylum was scary enough on its own... Hooefully face it alone might come back some time in the future with fright nights hopefully improving again in the near future
  10. I'm jealous. I only ever got to do Asylum twice and the second time I just stared at the floor with my ears plugged I found it so scary. I was only 12 at the time though so it pains me to this day having only done it once really... Face it alone in there sounds amazing. Something that nowadays would really hit the right button for me. Was there anything different that happened in your face it alone experience compared to a regular conga line run through of it?
  11. Well they have some lovely themeing and effects in there. So I'm sure they could do something good with it that doesn't involve VR. I'm not a fan of the whole VR thing myself anyways...
  12. 2013 face it alone Asylum... I cant imagine how scary that must have been. Id give anything to do that. As for guests being all creepy and sexual, I feel being tied and **** like that kind of gives opportunity for things to take a different path down that direction. So perhaps if they remove any things that could be interpreted sexually then Face it Alone could be less of an issue. Hopefully it'll return one day as I think it hits the spot for guests who don't find ordinary maze experiences particularly scary anymore... Great answer from Josh...
  13. I work in a local shop. And when we tell them they cant have more than 1 of such and such, or 2 of such and such, they start acting as if there is no reason for it and start arguing with us. I can confirm the amount of idiots trying it on is unbearable
  14. Shame, but I think it was inevitably gonna happen. With everything being ordered to close, if Merlin didn't make the decision the government would likely order them to cancel the events. I trust the since complete park closure is necessary
  15. They once were the best in the country... However due to terrible decision making in the event management team, removal of excellent mazes and focus on profit driven IP events with poor cheapo mazes... The event has failed to deliver the best in the country for a long time. However last years was a big improvement
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