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  1. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I agree. Whenever ive been to american theme parks there are metal detectors, and full baggage checks upon entry. This makes the parks far safer and more comforting for families. There is no reason Thorpe park shouldnt do the same. Stop people bringing in knives and drugs.
  2. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Imagine? The thing is, it isnt even that hard for them to do and would improve the park NO END! But they are too lazy these days to do that I reckon.
  3. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I think what we all want, is a new god forsaken Rollercoaster to be announced some time next season. 😂😂
  4. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    There are lots of past horror mazes better than the Big top ever was. Experiment 10, My Bloody Valentine, Asylum/freezer. Big Top was good yes, but nothing like Asylum/EX10. They should strip out jungle escape and put another top horror maze in that area like its original purpose was. Or put Asylum/Freezer back in that building would be perfect.
  5. I'm sure no body wants to see a whole political arguement as to why the whole thing was unnecessary and should never have occured, however I will say I disagree. There was little reason for it to be protested against. While I understand their points, its imo unreasonable (for many different reasons).
  6. I'm aware of the silly reason why it left, however I'm hoping the park can recognise its removal was a bad move in the long term. 5000 signatures in reality doesn't mean much to them. But I guess they didn't want to have to deal with it. The Freezer yes is a more realistic option and id kill to see it return.
  7. If Asylum in particular (I guess studio 13 would be fine) came back, that would be a MASSIVE step up for the park. Asylum and EX10 were the scariest mazes to ever be at the park. The space is perfect for them. I'm desperate to see Asylum return maybe one day. I havent been in it since I first did it at 12 years old 😂
  8. *Blows dust away* 2013 fright nights (and as a year in general) was an incredible year, the park needs to bring fright nights back to how it was around this time. Every maze was good rather than 1 great maze and the rest mediocre.
  9. I mean guys... At the end of the day, does it really matter? Its not a big deal, its a cut. A, singular, CUT. Not really worth the debate.
  10. Just been tonight. After seeing everyone talk about Creak freak, I really dont think Thorpe park or anyone should ever make a claim like that unless they really really really mean it. "Most intense maze ever" while it was excellent (IMO much better than big top) it certainly wasnt the most intense. I dont care about the hyperbole or any of that, just don't make that kind of claim. Asylum was still acres ahead. Although I really hope creak freak stays for a long time and is improved (such as a longer strobe section) the other mazes were average and platform 15 pretty poor once again. I hope next year the park invest further and bring some original fantastic mazes (maybe even some old fashioned hands on shoulder mazes) in to the line up to accompany creak freak or maybe even bring back the likes of Freezer/Asylum, EX10 or Big Top to bring back the golden days. As it stands they are still off the mark of the consistency of years like 2012 and 2013. Park wide theming should improve and new better mazes need to be brought in once again. Overall very positive evening for me.
  11. Hoping for freezer/asylum to return then.... 🤞🏻
  12. They should just tear it out. That building was perfect for horror mazes and served that purpose for 12 years. Either put Asylum/freezer back in there where it belonged, or put an awesome horror maze back in there.
  13. You know people will do that anyways unfortunately....
  14. Ye I agree, but what can I say. Thorpe park has become lazy over the past 6 years. The park is going to **** tbh, 2012 was the last new rollercoaster. They need to pull their finger out and work harder, they have been batheing in the IP money and forgotten about us.
  15. The issue with last year was precicely them not focusing on mazes. The mazes were awful and the mazes is the main part of the event. They need to focus on the mazes rather than the money involved in IPs. Over time the park theming for fright nights has improved alot, however thr event itself has become dramatically worse. Once again this is due to the lack in maze quality. 2012 for instance was an unbelievable fright night year. Park themeing was awful, but mazes like Asylum and Experiment 10 MADE the event. They were INCREDIBLE. They really need to focus on maze quality as 95% of people who go to the event go to get scared, which leads you to the mazes.
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