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  1. I work in a local shop. And when we tell them they cant have more than 1 of such and such, or 2 of such and such, they start acting as if there is no reason for it and start arguing with us. I can confirm the amount of idiots trying it on is unbearable
  2. Shame, but I think it was inevitably gonna happen. With everything being ordered to close, if Merlin didn't make the decision the government would likely order them to cancel the events. I trust the since complete park closure is necessary
  3. They once were the best in the country... However due to terrible decision making in the event management team, removal of excellent mazes and focus on profit driven IP events with poor cheapo mazes... The event has failed to deliver the best in the country for a long time. However last years was a big improvement
  4. Well one thing we can probably assume from this now is Living Nightmare will leave the fright nights line up... Which is good tbh
  5. Never said we had much of an influence. Given we constantly non stop are getting attractions that no one wants, nor asked for. And as for adding a coaster when they want to, is basically what was implied in the message when I said to let them take the time decide themselves. Hence theyll add one when they feel its best suited financially and when its really needed...
  6. The best we will get is an announcement for a new major investment coming soon (within the next 1 or 2 years) if we are very lucky. Nothing new this year is coming, which I think 95% of thorpe park enthusiasts have come to accept. Like Marc said.... I would much much rather they take the extra time to plan their next big move (which I'm sure is currently going on as we speak) and get it right, than for them to succomb to the pressure from fans and rush a new investment. This needs time, if they dont get it right this time, it could make thing even worse in the future. Quite frankly I think people should stop pressuring them and let them get it right... I'm sure they know by now everybody wants a new rollercoaster and I'm sure they want one too... Its just a matter of whether or not Merlin care. Which sadly I think Merlin are more interested in Chessington/Alton towers than Thorpe Park. But well have to wait to see what comes in the next couple of years. Hopefully this year they will focus on actually fixing some small issues at the park that add up to big issues... (For instance, removing the Slammer, loggers leap etc... There is alot to be done before they add a new Rollercoaster, they just need to pull their finger out and do it.
  7. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    It will either be some initial teaser that they'll drag out over the course of the season, then bring some rollercoaster foe next year. (Very unlikely) Or just some insignificant addition that they built too much hype for. Like it could even be just some celebration for a new decade for thorpe park or some bs like that...
  8. yeah shame... I quite enjoyed those videos.
  9. I dunno. I just hope the car parking thing doesn't turn out to be yet another bad investment for the park... It doesn't need anymore of them
  10. I completely agree. There has been far too much investment on scares outside of fright nights where there shouldnt be any, and far too little spending on scares within fright nights in recent years. Which is why the quality of fright nights seems to have declined alot over recent years, and the park overall a far less diverse and attractive line up....
  11. Simple but effective yes. Big top was good yes, but lacked the intensity asylum offers. Studio 13 I wasnt much of a fan of personally. The asylum's siren/shreaking sound track added a sense of panic and chaos which the metal and clown music in the other mazes doesnt. Thats just my honest opinion. Creek freak is great which is why it should stay along side asylum/freezer. If we need 2 new mazes after the contract for do or die and living nightmare runs out, we could have asylum and ex10 back? Imagine a line up of Creek freak, Asylum and experiment 10. That just gives me goosebumps that and makes me scared already... All heavily intense and different mazes.
  12. That space at the front where you used to queue and walk into Asylum/studio 13 was used as a show. The rest was a storage space for a year or 2 then they put freezer in there. Thats interesting what you say about the Living Nightmare space, I havent heard any of those rumours myself but personally I think thats great if they do remove living nightmare. I think they could do far far better with their own maze design and put it in the Jungle Escape building. Even better bring back the Freezer.
  13. Well, Jungle Escape has been removed from Thorpe Park's website in the attractions section. So hopefully they will gut it from that building and use it for what its original purpose was. Put an extreme indoor horror maze in their (hopefully The Asylum or a renamed version like Freezer) to add to the line up with creek freak. Would be incredible to see that again!
  14. Quite frankly that maze was always very very average, or even below average given how short it is. Ive always said this, they should just scrap living nightmare and bring back Asylum/EX10 to the line up along side Creek Freak Massacre and you have one unbelievable fright nights event. Ez pz, job done...
  15. LukeP_8

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I agree. Whenever ive been to american theme parks there are metal detectors, and full baggage checks upon entry. This makes the parks far safer and more comforting for families. There is no reason Thorpe park shouldnt do the same. Stop people bringing in knives and drugs.
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