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  1. The events for this year just got announced, only 3 this time around though. A new one called park vibes whatever the hell that is from 21st-25th of July was announced a few days ago I believe. Then obviously Oktoberfest was announced and Fright Nights also got confirmed as expected for the 8-10th and 15-31st. Quite suprised theres only 4 days worth of events during the summer, I'd love to see summer nights return one day. They were a hell of alot of fun.
  2. Well they need to actually make fright nights, scary, again to do that. But hold on, bit of an issue with that... They've not had a scary fright nights attraction since Asylum in 2013. As much as I like your idea, the reason there were so many families is because Fright Nights now has a reputation for not being particularly scary. I mean at the end of the day, it is all about reputation. Back in the day, Thorpe would never have had to operate an ID system for under 13s etc as people knew what they were getting themselves into. You cant force a perspective by making it seem scary cus ur ID
  3. Yup! Thats exactly what I could hear, that video shows perfectly how powerful those new speakers really are. Fastastic upgrade. And ye, I really really don't like the new imascore music at all. So repetitive and all based on that same bloody island theme. Doesn't do anything at all. I dont mind the imascore music around the park, but really wish theyd leave the coaster music as it was. The 2 rides had perfectly unique and great soundtracks.
  4. I did kinda wonder why I could hear the pulsating bass on Inferno's soundtrack all the way from Jungle Escape... Seemed abnormally loud. Guess these new speakers were the reason, sounded great.
  5. Agreed. I sort of think that once it lost its I'm a Celeb IP it lost any level of interest that remained, especially given I'm a Celeb was a free attraction. It had no chance really. As for it being a permenant fright nights space again please dont make me start hoping again... 🤩Myself and I'm sure alot of others will take the Freezer back for this years anniversary Thorpe!
  6. I went to the park 2 days ago and noticed the Jungle escape sign was no longer in place I dont think, and some wooden fencing was in place as if to completely divert attention to the building. All but the infamous exit doors were covered up. Anyone else reckon this is finally it for I'm a celeb/jungle escape? I personally think the park have finally realised this escape room has no future at the park anymore...
  7. I noticed Infernos old soundtrack when I went yesterday. Honestly loved hearing it again, both Colossus and Inferno's soundtracks lost any sense of individuality when they both got remixed to feature that same bloody island tune a few years ago. I just want to hear Colossus's old theme back aswell to give the 2 coasters some unique soundtracks again.
  8. With that being said is there any news on what will be happening with Jungle Escape or if it will reopen this year? Ofc I hope it doesn't as I've never felt as though I'm a celeb or any other iteration has a future at the park and just leaves a legendary event space occupied imo. I've seen on the website it still just states "Please note - this attraction is currently closed. The majority of our rides and attractions remain open." Or even "2020 ticket availability coming soon!"
  9. No. Not even slightly, it's something I ride for the first time, enjoy it, somewhat impressed but after that it's just so meh. One of if not the least re-ridable ride at the park. I'd honestly take a refurbished arena back over DBGT. Excited to see how Black Mirror will be though, however I do hope this is Thorpes last filler attraction before something meaningful goes in again.
  10. I often talk down on the park these days (the majority of the time actually) but that is entirely out of my love for the park and frustration with the direction its been moving in over the years. I just want the best for it! But ye... I am honestly tempted to just fill up all 3 points with 1) The Past 2) The Past 3) The Past But I'll actually give it a go... 1) The memories So I've basically just gone back to what I said a second ago but its honestly the best part for me about the place. The park is quite literally like my second home. The
  11. Big year, big potential.... so a big post aswell 😁 I've thought this since the 2020 lineup was announced. The best that could come out of FN2020 is that they continue and carry the same concepts of all the new scarezones etc through into 2021. I never got to actually go this year but the event seemed better than I originally thought it would be when they announced it. If Thorpe can start getting their mazes right again and have a combination of 5 great mazes and some good scarezones that would be what fright nights has always missed imo. It would create one of the best scare events
  12. Bit late, I know... I understand the reasons why they wanna charge so much for the mazes... However there's absolutely no chance I'm paying £10 for Platform 15 or Blair witch (or its new equivalent). Only mazes I'd pay a tenner for are Ex10 and Asylum. The only good thing I can see coming out of this event really is Thorpe hopefully carrying this improvement in parkwide atmosphere and theming into future events. Hopefully one day we'll see both better mazes again, and consistent Halloween Horror Nights style scarezones and park experiences that have always been missing.
  13. Damn... Ive been so busy and inactive on this thread so disappointed I missed the maze vote. As ive been all over old fright nights years recently. For me Asylum is easily hands down the best. Never did Freezer but it was only slightly different from what I heard Experiment 10 was alot better than Big top for me. However all the rest of the votes I'd say were bang on. Awesome little game shame I missed it
  14. Well my guess is they were paid a stupid amount of money to do it.... Or they thought having an IP was worth it. We all know how much Thorpe love their IPs... And they nearly never pay off. This is another example of that.
  15. I personally thought the shows in there (the arena) were really really nice, not just for anyone but for families in particular. And some of the horror mazes through october they put in there were awesome too... So id welcome a removal sometime in the next couple of years...
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