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We've made some alterations to our Terms and Conditions, as well as posting guidelines today. By posting, and using the forum you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions, and guidelines.We now have zero tolerances policy on any member who refuses to follow the guidelines in place. We'll still message before hand if we feel you're not following, but don't expect 3 messages and still get away with it, first message will be a warning, if you don't comply, it'll be suspension. If you still don't follow, you'll be permanently banned from the site. You the members have made it clear you want a clean forum, and we're trying hard to deliver that.Before anyone complains, this isn't a case of us being uptight, or strict, or what ever, this forum is for everyone to enjoy, so it's our responsibility to make it enjoyable for everyone. High levels of crap by just a few members, can ruin it for the other hundreds of members, and even thousands of readers. Just to quickly summarize the guidelines, and what we expect from you as a member:- Correct English, to the best of your ability (No 'txt' talk)- Contribute, don't spam (Only post in a topic if you feel you can make a helpful contribution to it. Search before hand to see if same post has been made.)- Respect members (Hostile attitudes, will strictly not be tolerated) Now let's enjoy the things we love, Theme Parks.Thanks.

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