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    It's just a parrot!
  2. Phill


    Keepin' it real.We can embed stuff now!? How far we've come.
  3. Phill


    My job is full time Scientist. But seriously - I'm a Software Engineer.
  4. No - Especially Stealth. I dread to think.
  5. Phill

    Look we're social networking on a non conformist site! **** the bed!

  6. Phil Jupiter was in the office the other day - as you do.
  7. Keepin' it real. PS: Thorpe still sucks.
  8. Feeling awfully nostalgic this evening.
  9. Pro Tip: Don't be a n00b.
  10. I completely forgot it was tomorrow. I thought Sunday. THE PRESSURE IS ON.
  11. Phill

    Pocket Thorpe

    Pocket Thorpe 1.1 was submitted to Apple today, so will probably take another lifetime to get approved. Includes Bug Fixes, New Icon, UI Tweaks, and other small improvements. Will post when it's ready for download! Thanks to everyone who has bought it, coming up to 150 sales! Rock on!
  12. Phill

    News Desk

    If you could say specifically what you liked about the old one we'll try work it in!
  13. Invision 3 wasn't the most easiest thing to skin, so it's not perfect atm. I agree it kinda looks 'heavy' atm as we've switched to purple for quite a few headers, I'll try make it lighter. Also currently working on redesigning the posts to look a bit more lighter. (I'm not back, I'm just helping these guys btw).
  14. has not set their status LOL

  15. Phill


    It worked. Weird.
  16. Phill


    Guys, don't panic, but Google has become SELF AWARE and is now destroying the Internet as we know it. Evacuation has begun, women and children first.
  17. I've been drinking and even I can even see why THORPE PARKĀ® have done this. It was never EVER an accurate queue time to begin with, it was only a rough idea (an estimation IF YOU WILL). Now it falls into either one of three categories, short, medium or long wait. That said, this could of been done without sticking ****ty signs up everywhere, just do a bloody average!? 10 Mins | 30 MINS | 60 MINS. Done, was that so hard? Bloody hell. Now let's move on with our lives. Btw Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.
  18. Think it's crap, and btw Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.
  20. And if I could give you a hug, I would.Where's the TPM feel good thread?
  21. Phill


    I had my exam in a bigggggggggggg hall, and it reverberated so bad, I couldn't make out a word they were saying. That's my excuse why I failed. And I'm sticking to it.
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