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Floorless coaster (160 feet tall)B&M Dive machine (200 feet)Launch coaster (350 feet)Log ride (60 feet)Dark coaster (kinda like Space Mountain)flying coaster that dives underground (50 feet)water coaster (100 feet)drop tower (500 feets) that's right, I'm going for a recordrunaway train (similar to thunder mountain)ghost train (like haunted mansion at Disney)Rapids ridegiant ferris wheelPIRATES 4D lol

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I'd have a Mondial Turbine called Eclipse in light blue and a Mondial top scan and skyliner in the Sky Village part of the park, id have a Maurer power tower which is 340 feet it would be called Voodoo Revenge and I'd have a huss suspeneded top spin called Mayas revenge and a b&m wing rider in the Lost World part of the park, id have a Intamin launch coaster and a KMG inversion called Snow Flip in the Xmas village, I'd have a Mondial windseeker and a Technical park loop fighter in the Star City, id have a Zierer star shape called Bling's revenge and a B&m Flyer called Magical SkyFly in the arcade section of the park :D and all of the rides would have their own sound system, custom jingles and normal jingles and all would have disco smash speakers so they are loud :D

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