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  1. All that lovely new concrete will come in handy for some live scare actors and barbed wire! 👀
  2. Thanks! I go to concerts alone sometimes when I can't find anyone to drag along and they often end up being my favourites so I'm hoping the same will apply here! Travelling around The Netherlands is an absolute doddle so no concerns there. I've done Winter Wonderland alone a couple of times purely to ride Olympia Looping over and over and never felt out of place but feel like it might be a different story in an actual theme park. I've wanted to visit Walibi Holland ever since I started playing RCT2 as a kid so I absolutely feel like going alone would be better than not going at all!
  3. I'm thinking of heading over to Walibi solo in October. I'm visiting a friend who lives in The Hague and have a day where I'll be alone so I'm thinking of taking it as an opportunity to jump on a train there and get on my first RMC! (My friend is too tall/too built for Rugby for rides -according to him- so it'll be my only chance during the trip!) I've never been to a theme park solo which is the only thing making me unsure! Has anyone done a solo trip before? The temptation is very high!
  4. IAC is staying alongside an RMC themed to Dec downing a bottle of Jack Daniels and going drink driving through the jungle/Pinewood Studios, though Merlin only gave the park a budget of £50 so they've just got an old wacky worm and put some nice fencing from B&Q around the area hoping nobody will notice. You heard it here first! #worldsfirsthybridwackyworm
  5. I remember once during a visit in 2005 that I took with my family, some company was handing out these free yoghurt drinks at the entrance (Genius marketing there - hard to think this was pre Merlin) and as a result my brother was sick whilst we were riding X. For many on that hot August day I imagine the rides theming included a strong smell of strawberry/sick. Hope this helps!
  6. 2020: A Mack Wild Mouse themed to Operation Yewtree 2021: A children's playground with year round live scare actors 2022: "The Thorpe Park Dungeon" 2023: The Octopus Garden rides return in the Saw area 2024: The whole "resort" falls apart from neglect, Merlin assure everyone that they are looking into options and that despite nothing being open, there are tons of events to look forward to on the beach this summer, including The Cannibal Holocaust Experience and the return of Love Island (which got cancelled in 2022) 2025: The Thorpe Housing Estate The worrying thing is that whilst I'm exaggerating, it's not by much. Merlin really do need to go.
  7. Just popped by to do a couple of rides on Olympia Looping and I must say she's running noticeably slower than the last couple of years! Hangtime on the loops and everything. Odd considering full trains and it being an unseasonably warm day! Still an absolute babe though.
  8. Lewis.

    Calgary Stampede

    I used to love this ride. I remember running straight back around into the queue more than once during a visit. I must have only been 6/7 years old, maybe even younger. Back in the 90s when Thorpe had a lovely warm atmosphere and wasn't run by an evil corporate machine ?
  9. Had another trip to BPB on Saturday. I've never found Grand National rough and wondered what everyone was moaning about but there was a definite jolt of spinal doom at the bottom of the first drop that took me by surprise ? Apart from that I thought it was actually running quite well, she was flying around the track! I also did Icon front row this time. Much better IMO! I thought I was content with the back row but it just felt a lot more intense. Most of the staff seemed to be giving us a choice of row with the disabled pass which was unusual and obviously went unquestioned. Merlin could learn a lot from BPB about how to treat Disabled guests. Even if the park is an absolute bitch to navigate. I intend to send an email to them to let them know they're doing great ?
  10. Let's face it, we're not likely to get anything world class whilst Merlin are at the wheel. The decline of Thorpe, Towers and Chessington under them is a little bit heartbreaking. Thank god we have Europe on our doorstep, I'm currently planning a trip to Liseberg in June and either Walibi Holland or Phantasialand later in the year. I haven't been to Thorpe since 2015 and I'm honestly not arsed, I'd rather spend the extra money going abroad to parks that are run properly!
  11. That's the plan! Thank you ?
  12. I'll take anything over staying in a hotel alone! I'm all about the hostel life. Admittedly I've only stayed in hostels in the UK but have made friends with people from all over and stayed in touch with most so I'm assuming it'll be the same there! Thinking of going in September time, either then or next spring. Is there a best time of year to go? Universeum sounds right up my street!
  13. I'm seriously considering making a trip here alone, none of my friends are enthusiast enough to want to go and my other half doesn't do heights of any kind so he's never any use! I'm very tempted to just book into a hostel for a couple of nights and explore the park and surrounding area. Anyone ever done it?
  14. Visited the Pleasure Beach for the first time since 2010 last week, I absolutely loved Icon. We left it until later in the day to whore it and were all blown away! It's not intense but it's so much fun. I giggled the whole way through, especially exiting the top hat, zero-g and immelmann, it was like the ride was trying to throw me out and kill me and I loved it! The UK needs more solid coasters like this. I'm hoping to get back to Blackpool soon. Even by British Seaside/Northern standards it's run down and the people are rough as anything but it's such a fun, welcoming place!
  15. I haven't been to Thorpe Park since June 2015 and developments like this do nothing to encourage me back. It genuinely breaks my heart a little bit to see somewhere that holds so many childhood memories being neglected and starved of any real investment or upkeep. At what point will Merlin just bugger off?! Someone give me some hope to cling onto!
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