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Big Brother 2011!


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Okay so tonight is the start of Big Brother 2011.Channel 4 told us it was the end of the Big Brother series on the last Big Brother.But Channel Five have bought it and this year is going to be the biggest brother yet! All signs and billboards said that the show was starting yesterday but then at the beginning of this week it was removed from channel listings and it is starting tonight.The only thing I have heard about this year is that Kerry Katona and her mum are going nto the house and there is going to be a sauna.Discuss Big Brother 2011 here!!

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It's not going to be the same without Davina. Not that I'll be watching anyway because I'll be out having a social life tonight :)

No, it will contain less screeching, squealing, mugging to camera and inane questions. Whatever they do would be an improvement. Not that I'll be watching, it's been going downhill fast since about 2004 and I don't see that trend stopping with the production qualities of channel 5 thrown on top.
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I got tickets to the launch for last night and so queued for 4 and a half hours. When we got towards the front, they announced the cutoffpoint which was luckily 14 people behind us, so they guaranteed to a group of about 40 of us that we'd get in. They walked us forward away from the outraged queuers behind us hurling abuse at these poor members of staff from Applause Store. It turned out that due to too many unexpected guests such as 'friends' and 'family' of the people going in the house, they could not fit us in even after promising us. The man from Applause store then expressed his apologies and offered us free priority tickets to the live final which we all cheered about. Result? I think so :)

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