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  1. Great idea! It's good that you've looked into the different bodies that can be approached, hopefully that will be a good starting point 😊
  2. Reckon tomorrow is gonna be unbearably busy at the park? I've never been in summer!
  3. TPGG

    2019 Season

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any insight into how to get into the theme park industry? I've got 4 years project management but am open to many roles based in the south of England Any advice would be hugely appreciated - thanks Couldn't find the right topic for this sorry!
  4. Reckon the park will be unbearably busy on Saturday July 13th? I'm unsure how busy the park gets really
  5. TPGG

    2019 Season

    The excruciatingly tedious cynicism of some people on here really begs the question why they're on this forum in the first place.
  6. But it makes no sense because that ride never existed at TP ?
  7. What's happening? Is that Colossos?
  8. Where abouts in the park is this going?
  9. I'm off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Friday How's best to buy tickets for 4 people?
  10. Is the first fright night this Saturday?
  11. The ride according to rcdb is 30.2ft tall at its highest point, so the train did well to be stuck 50ft in the air - classic lazy fake news BBC!
  12. Thanks so much! There's four of us btw - how much should we be looking to spend? Any Air BnBs recommended?
  13. Hi guys! Where is good (value for money) to stay in Blackpool for 2 nights within walking distance to the park? I'm going at the beginning of October ?
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