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  1. That eagle noise before the drop is a huge clue. The fact they’ve left the bird statue from Logger’s too. Plus the rumoured Egyptian theme, I could see them naming it Horus or similar.
  2. What's the perceived issue with Coaster Studios?
  3. When's Colossus set to re-open?
  4. Amazing, thanks guys! Is train or plane better did you find?
  5. Hi guyyys, I'm planning a 3 or 4 day trip to Europa in April and wanted to see what the best options were from people's experience in terms of accom and ticketing options. The on site hotels look very expensive from what I've seen so far - are they worth it?
  6. Hi guyyys! When's the least busy day to do Fright Nights?
  7. Hey, I'm looking to go to the park in December on a Sunday - tickets on the Phantasialand website are 54 Euros - is this the best place to buy them from? Thanks!
  8. The ride itself looks really good tbf! I'm planning a little road trip to include this when it opens which so far includes (likely in this order too): Plopsaland Walibi Belgium Bobbejaaland Efteling Toverland Movie Park Germany Phantasialand Any good'ns to add or any you'd suggest missing out? Cheers all!
  9. I think it's because of the far higher virus transmission rate in indoor places, as opposed to the practicality of implementing the necessary distancing measures 👽
  10. TPGG

    Thorpe Park 2020

    When are the dead days?
  11. Yeah I noticed that - why did that happen?
  12. Does TP still own the Thorpe Farm land? What's on the site now?
  13. Great idea! It's good that you've looked into the different bodies that can be approached, hopefully that will be a good starting point 😊
  14. Reckon tomorrow is gonna be unbearably busy at the park? I've never been in summer!
  15. TPGG

    2019 Season

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any insight into how to get into the theme park industry? I've got 4 years project management but am open to many roles based in the south of England Any advice would be hugely appreciated - thanks Couldn't find the right topic for this sorry!
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