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  1. Creamy muck muck. (Also from the show, you dirty people!)
  2. Sidders


    You say trombone player. I say tromboner. WAHEY!
  3. So as y'all might or might not know, I've been living in Dusseldorf for the past 4 months, and as well as visiting lots of theme parks (Phantasialand, Liseberg, planning to go to Heide Park before I leave) and enjoying the glorious weather of summertime in North Germany, I've also been dabbling in a bit of studying. And today I had my last exam. Basically, In Germany, you can only access the next year when you have a certain number of credits to do so. IN Germany, you need 60 credits to progress upwards. However, you yourself pick and choose which modules you do, and how many you do. You
  4. Benin makes in interesting point really. What's Thorpe to the European market when in Germany, 2 hours in any direction can land you at Hansa Park, Holiday Park, Phantasialand, Heide Park and if you're up for a bit more of a trek, Europa. Do people really come to the UK for Thorpe like we go to to Europe for these parks?
  5. Who cares when it looks like that?
  6. I fail to see why a family coaster couldn't work at Thorpe. Family ride doesn't always mean slow, boring, short, and low budget. If they go for something like Colorado Adventure at Phantasialand, they'll be on to a massive winner. They just need to learn how to theme on the scale of a German park.
  7. EPO. You may have need to have seen the film...
  8. Die Großte Kirmes am Rhein. (The Largest Fair on the Rhine)
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