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Jobs At Chessington

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Thanks for that Paul. I'm thinking of working at Chessington in my gap year, despite it being ages away.

May I ask what other attractions you worked at? You don't have to say.

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My cousins said she suffered from abuse when loading rides and she worked at Thorpe Park which doesn't have the best atmosphere. Chessington does sound better. I realise there is many challenges to the job and eventually the level ofexcitement would decline. However, I still would love to gain the experience of working in a theme park.

I've also read a great book called 'stories from a theme park insider'. It is filled with humurous stories from Disney world and I highly recommend reading it. Anyway, it makes working in theme parks seem incredible and it is what has made me want to work in a theme park so much.

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The minimum age to work at Chessington/ Merlin parks is 16 years old. For operators this is 18 years old. 


If you like Theme parks, dealing with the gp and working mostly  outdoors, this may be a job worth considering. 


You can search for jobs on Merlin’s career website which can be found Here.

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