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Still Alive




I had a final destination type near death experience the other day.

Driving to work along an A road a hail storm of biblical proportions suddenly fell out of an otherwise sunny sky, accompanied by a bit of thunder. I've never seen a lightning bolt hit the ground close up before, so when one hit a wooden power cable post about 20 ft in front of me a very nearly **** myself, such a blinding light and deafening crack of thunder that I could feel in the air as much as hear. The post exploded in an enormous shower of sparks which really filled the sky, followed almost instantly by another post on the opposite side of the road which the bolt must have traveled to along the cable to. It was like driving through an 80's car advert.

I was doing about 60 at the time when amongst the chaos I noticed out of the corner of my eye something falling towards me from above. The power cable between the two posts was dropping out of the sky onto the road below and I was driving towards it. Now I know that you are insulated from electricity in a car but at that moment you don't think that rationally and I was convinced I'd explode like the posts if it touched my car. It flashed through my mind whether to slam my brakes on and hope I stopped in time or put my foot down and try to get under it.

Not wanting to come to a stop right underneath it I slammed my foot on the accelerator. The power cable bounced off my windscreen and into the floor behind me in another huge shower of sparks. I guess if had smashed through I'd have been a goner but it didn't even make a mark, I survived. That was an exciting couple of seconds I can tell you.



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Glad your ok - had a final destination experience myself once with snow, a bus, a van and me that was nearly crushed between a vehicle and a lamp post. You end up alright but your still really shook up and keep playing what ifs in your head. Hope your ok ^_^

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Yeah, I'm fine thanks. I found it quite euphoric in a strange way, I was laughing uncontrollably a short time later and got a real buzz out of it. Probably comes from the same place that gives me a kick skiing off the side of a mountain with a parachute on and to a lesser (safer) extent riding coasters, although being able to choose to do these things is preferable to having them thrown at you by an angry God.

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