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  1. I reckon that the new maze will be 'You're Next' and the whole park will have actors roaming with those masks on. There probably won't be any other mazes with a Lionsgate IP and the quotes are being used from those films simply because of similar themes to 'You're Next' and the fact that Lionsgate own them (no copyright). I just don't think they would be able to secure a deal to base mazes on "old" films... It would cost much more for TP because the deal wouldn't be promoting those films and therefore not beneficial for Lionsgate.
  2. I was being sarcastic, as there was apparently a secret world's first according to enthusiasts and unnamed "sources". Also the coaster does seem to duel, although not every time which will most likely be sorted.
  3. Not sure which one is the worlds first though? Watching the updates on TT Live and Towers Nerd and it looks awesome! Hopefully will be able to go - first time as well!
  4. I think the mesh roofing on the qeue line is actually quite good really as it helps give the look that the station was hoping to achieve (as it has ended up looking dreadful).
  5. Health and safety gone mad etc
  6. If only the inside of the station was like the VFX version. Good advert, but The Swarm's was better. I hope the queue line videos are along the lines of swapping the glum faces of Britain for a nice yellow smile (double-pun ).
  7. I didn't mean the construction being delayed. The coaster actually looks fun! It's just everything around it smacks of amateur when you compare it to the treat we had with The Swarm... Nothing really fits in and apparently that makes it OK, and yet The Swarm was criticised for a tent that could barely be seen from the island.
  8. Me too. It feels like the coaster is so rushed and they have ignored the original theming and premise. The Smiler is supposed to be psychological and clinical, which the music doesn't really reflect! It should have been more delicate etc and not so bombastic
  9. You're right. I'd rather have a shipping container if I'm honest. Shipping containers might not be original, eye-pleasing etc but at least they are somewhat linked to The Swarm's theme, whereas The Smiler is supposed to be very clinical and tidy!? That makes a lot of sense.
  10. Anyone else feel like the marmaliser was created by a totally different design team? I'm not an expert on the behind the scenes, but it's just strange that the station, entrance, games stall and area is on a completely different level compared to the beast in the centre.
  11. It looks so cluttered and ugly </3
  12. The ride looks fun. The theming however...
  13. So is the building going to look like how it is now?! I thought they wouldn't start making teasers yet since the main building looks extremely unfinished...
  14. aTOMic


    TUNNELLS MAYBE!?!?!?!?! Probably not though
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