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Thorpe Parks twitter blocking



Thorpe park apparently have been blocking people who tweet Thorpes twitter about the new ride. (WC16) Even if they are correct or not (about the theme), Thorpe instantly blocks them meaning other viewers of Thorpes tweet are not able to see what the person commented. I just think its slightly unfair, people should be allowed to guess what the new rides about? Without being blocked? People are technically not doing anything wrong... just guessing their opinions of what the ride could be. I just think Thorpe blocking them on twitter seems slightly unprofessional, after all its their own fault that the teaser pictures for the new ride got leaked.


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Yes a bit much blocking any replies regarding it but I think it all got a bit heated the other night so that was the best policy! Not entirely fair but then Thorpe are never going to divulge anything - just like asking AT when the Smiler will reopens gets the same stock response :)

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