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  1. they won't be returning to sealife, sealife have removed all their rides for good
  2. maybe behind depth charge haha, bumping barnacles would only suit the amity area too
  3. Platform 15 is amazing, how can you give it a 3 :'(
  4. Nevermind everyone it came back as something different now, panic over xoxo
  5. Not sure if anyone has realised but wild wongs noodle bar has now vanished off the face of the earth, not that I ever ate at the bloody place but still I want answers! One of my favourite areas of the park is just slowly becoming and looking abandoned. Like some people say, yes it will probably look a lot more alive at fright nights but for the majority of this season it has looked very dead. People are also saying that now loggers is gone for good and if you are one of those saying this please hit me up or comment on this as I would like to know where you are getting this info from or whethe
  6. Oh I think its because stealth had a planned closure, as I remember last year the online price being the same as it would have been any of month
  7. Online price tickets gone down £5 and that's most likely because of Stealths closure as it is usually always £25 online (not including fright nights or events)
  8. It's good having a twitter account so you can tweet Thorpe asking which rides are closed and open they reply fast, but I agree I don't think I'd rather shouting it around on twitter
  9. Thorpe park apparently have been blocking people who tweet Thorpes twitter about the new ride. (WC16) Even if they are correct or not (about the theme), Thorpe instantly blocks them meaning other viewers of Thorpes tweet are not able to see what the person commented. I just think its slightly unfair, people should be allowed to guess what the new rides about? Without being blocked? People are technically not doing anything wrong... just guessing their opinions of what the ride could be. I just think Thorpe blocking them on twitter seems slightly unprofessional, after all its their own fault th
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