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  1. Waiting to go in makes even the least scared people Scared. I don't easily get scared but waiting to go into FIA twice has had my heart on edge.
  2. Big baby makes Big Top imo.
  3. The one on the far left is the one that I have nightmares about he's made my Face it Alone Ceremonies hell along with big baby but he's cute in a creepy way.
  4. It's not the baby I'm worried about Max is hilarious if it's him as the baby. It's one of the chainsaw maniacs and fisty that'll be the ones I'm worried about.
  5. Big Top Face it Alone could be rather interesting.
  6. Definitely do it. My advice is go in with old clothing then if it gets damaged then you'll be ok but bring the spare clothes. I recommend not doing it in jeans.
  7. You don't choose where you go they choose for you. Every persons can be different I got a short but extreme version.
  8. I've done 2 I'll do my third this week. Out of the 2 I've done Cabin was the most fun and Saw was the most extreme. I'll be doing a Big Top on Thursday hopefully to see what that one is like. Put it this way Saw was intense you can find out where many things are on Saw such as the scent cannon for the First Scene. But we can't tell you anymore.
  9. It was the day before Ruby :') when I was with others. Oh that fortunate day of being trapped in 2 rooms with actors not letting me out ❤️. Not caked but enough to come out with my face covered in blood and what not.
  10. Ryan most of the group last week came out covered in some form of makeup. They remember us from brave it alone that's why we keep getting an intense experience on a normal runthrough.
  11. No in the scare industry attacked is being scared with different props getting attacked with the makeup adds to the experience.
  12. Lesson to be learnt don't post anything about it on Twitter
  13. Standard runthroughs. Brave it alone felt comparatively weak in cabin but is the best I've done out of the 2. Perks of knowing the actors they will make your experience amazing.
  14. Yup Cabin lot have been relentless this year last Friday they attacked us with makeup and whatever condiments they had. My friend got the same Friday just gone. The actors are very very intense in cabin this year.
  15. That's why everytime we do Thorpes mazes we've been attacked with makeup attacked pinned in corne s attacked and what not. Mainly cabin but Big Top as well.
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