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europa park is bad.




So if you have seen me around the forums, you'll probably know I have a slight obsession with Europa Park.
Today I'll be going over my sexual fetish over this theme park, and just why I love this place.
Get your drugs and your overpriced coffee ready, and enjoy!


Europa Park is pretty **** with its operations.

3 trains on a B&M, 3 on a GCI, 4-5ish on Euromir/Bluefire, and insanely quick dispatches.

Like, 1 train operations is the way to go!

Even worse, I didn't witness a single breakdown in my 3 days there..

Like I didn't even get to go to guest services to complain.

Okay sarcasm aside, Europa Park is quite well known for its insanely good theming.
The park really go above and beyond with theming.
Things like themed toliets, or that satellite thing-y near Euro-Mir really show how much effort goes into theming their rides
Now in terms of standouts, the French, Greek, and Arthur areas all standout for me, but quite honestly, the whole park is beautiful.


The rides.. Yes, its a theme park:
So as well as Europa's flawless theming and operations, their ride collection is also obviously quite strong.
Standouts for me are obviously Blue Fire, Wodan, and Arthur, but their is so many little gems around the park that are worth mentioning.
Even some of the cookie cutter rides you see at every park standout at Europa- like Fjord Rafting, which is nicely themed and a near flawless rapids that left me lovely and wet..;)

Others worth noting is their Mine Train- which has a super awesome diamond cave section, and The Arena Of Football, which is a super fun twist on the super standard bumper cars.

Shows in Theme Parks are something that are IMO criminally underated.
Shows can really break up a day, and who doesn't like a bit of live entertainment?
The Standout to me had to be their Ice Show, which was incredibly fun and campy.
Also some male eye candy in there.. Not gonna lie.



all in all- Europa Park remains a flawlessly ran park that also looks beautiful.

As well as this, they also have a strong lineup of rides like Arthur, Blue Fire, and Wodan.

The park is easily one of the best parks in the world.

Anyway thanks for reading.. here's a orgasmic picture of Euro-Mir taken by a sexy friend of mine..

(his name is josh)




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1 hour ago, wegloo said:

Euromir can run up to 9 trains! 5 Would be a really quiet day 

Wow, they dispatch so quickly its hard to keep count :lol:

9 trains is pretty crazy, I guess it kinda makes sense, as the lift hill takes so fu**ing long haha.


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