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  1. I love the seaside especially the ones in the Isle of Wight.
  2. domo


    I like the idea of fastrack but its too expensive. I think they lower the price of ultimate fasttrack . A fair price for me would be ?20 or ?45 if brought with your entrance ticket. And annual pass holders get it cheaper.
  3. domo


    I havent been on the new version yet but it looks great. the first post was indeed sarcasm.
  4. domo

    Bad Injuries!

    How have you seen whats happening next friday? unless you mean my very sexy photo on the site lol. Cheers I'm gonna so get shanked by 'De ChAvS'
  5. domo

    Member Addys

    Yes I am currently aware of that Mr. Ruddy. LOL. Do you like my legs in the skirt?
  6. domo

    Sugar in Tea

    James I have had your hot chocolate and it was disgusting. You even said it was water out of your toilet. Then you realised you had to make it with milk instead of toilet water was hilarious.
  7. I have a cat called Gizmo Garfunkel. I also have a pet rock.
  8. domo

    Bad Injuries!

    Thats nothing compared to what will happen to me next Friday. I'm dressing up as a girl for charity and I thnik all the chavs will want to happy slap me.Yay at least Ill be doing something with the popular people.
  9. domo

    Member Addys

    DOMINIC HAINES I MSofN: [email protected]: http://www.myspace.com/domo12345http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture067zp0.jpg
  10. domo


    I want to be unemployed and living on benenfits..... only joking I want to be a policeman.
  11. domo


    well done to the watford team, they won 1-o away to plymouth in one of the worst games I have ever seen watford play.
  12. domo

    Favourite Movie Genre

    I dont really mind what movie I see just as long as its not predictable just like scream...
  13. domo

    Chinese or Curry?

    I like them both equally as much. but seeing as I had to choose I chose chinese just because of special fried rice. but I prefer noodles to all of these.
  14. domo

    Best Games Console

    I have to say the wii is the best games console just because its a big eye toy style console. its an absolutely superb console but it has crappage graphics.
  15. domo

    Pepsi or Coke?

    I personally luv pepsi compared to coca cola, but I diet coke. so on that basis I haveto say I have to vote for coke.
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