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  1. YES! Request NOT to stay in the Can Garbi block as every few minutes you hear a horrible roar of furious Baco.
  2. Con


    I'm BACK! QUACK!Help change!
  3. Got back this morning from a 5 day holiday at the resort. Cba to write lots as well. Got on furious baco ONCE with long queues and break downs. It's cool though its made even cooler with a camera on the back of the seat in front and you can buy a DVD, Much better than your day. The stunt show was good. I LOVE stampida especially with it's new trains its just a shame the cameras couldn't last a year.The water park was alright but I didn't bother queuing for an slides but the lazy river and "La Lugana Woody" were fun.Really enjoyed the trip. I stayed in the PA hotel which was cool as they replaced our free fast passes. Fantastic rides at PA.Cool Rides:CondorKhanFurious BaconTomahawkGC RapidsTutiki SplashDODGEMS <3Stampida10/10
  4. Con

    This Or That

    TPM due to me thinking south parks is awful.Nail Biting or Nose Picking!
  5. Con

    This Or That

    Red.Sister or Brother?
  6. Con

    This Or That

    SouthTo be OR Not To be?
  7. Con

    This Or That

    Stansted. My Gateway to PortaVentura!Merlin (current) or Tussuads (RIP)
  8. I remember my first rid eon stealth I had my arms up vertical pre-launch and when it launched it really hurt and the photo of me had my arms behind my neck. It hurt for a week.
  9. Con


    I doubt that due to the fact that it has just had money spent on it and also we know the space won't be built on in 2009 so I think it's staying for a little while.
  10. Con

    This Or That

    This is supposed to be truthful.Hard Rock (Cafe)Over or Under
  11. Con

    This Or That

    Both from Pizza Hut Buffet!Charlton Athletic or Crystal Palace
  12. Con


    I'm going Port aVentura! TooT!
  13. What does the water running down the hill actually do though?
  14. ^^ Exactly what she said. :)
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