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  1. well I was meant to go on and do a fashion degree but goverment cut my course a month before it started so got stuck with art foundation in the same uni and then in september the uni offered me an unconditional to then complete my fashion degree with money off tution so I'm going for that and wow technical theatre is that doing sound and lighting, stage design? that sort of thing? :P

  2. Shocking! Aww that's awesome. What are you studying at Uni?

    Well I stayed on at Chessie for another year before deciding to have another crack at college. I'm doing technical theatre now and just about coping! Lol!

  3. yes a very long time ago I aint been to chessie or thorpe since then :o ive been good got through college and now in uni working here and there :P what you been up to these years?

  4. Aww bless ya. Still a fangirl at heart? ;)

    Yeah I'm good. How're things with you. I last saw you back in 2008 when you worked at Chessington! :o

  5. hey saw you left me a comment and yeah I'm still sort of about kinda missed thorpe recently and had a nose on this old site :P how are you its been a long time :)

  6. =O Clara is alive! :D

  7. Clara


    ...Phills hair looks pet-able .*hides in dark corner*
  8. I cant seem to get along with girls that well I have a few girly friends and they are close to me.Otherwise they are all Boys and ever since I were a small child I had mostly boy friends. Its funny with girls it doesnt really work the other way...I'm straight but doesnt make me seem like I'm a lesbain for having mostly boys as friends and even if I was lesbain (which I'm not). If I have mostly Boy friends...I'm just known as a slut lol.
  9. I might have to not be on the deffo list, I'm now unsure if I'll be going saturday because I had arranged to go Chessie with a friend a While ago.Plus the trouble of getting there and back and if I can be bothered, also money XD! I think I'm going then so if anyone else goes I'll see ya there instead if I'm not there Saturday.
  10. I would find that fun not scary.. and wouldnt it be easier to leave you if you were at the end of the line?
  11. Clara


    I think there is a problem with the PM's as I cant send any says there is a error with the database its annoying >_<
  12. Tidal wave is evil...*whispers* should stay dead
  13. Marc...you are strange and a bit whimpish
  14. My highest score is about 30,000. I love tomb blaster and when ever I'm in the park I cant miss it out =] Thats mean! I'm a girl and I'm not crap right? Right!?
  15. Lol Alex thanks for forcing me on that list :(Although the place annoys me I might aswell not much else to do.Be good to see a few people again =]
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