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  1. I would book tickets in advance online, as they are cheaper, and you get ERT (early ride time) on some rides. To get ERT make sure to book through the alton towers website.
  2. My best sound is stealth braking
  3. Tomnorthi


    Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
  4. Its also very boring in the car, A27,A23, M23, M25, M1, A50. yawnnn
  5. Tomnorthi

    Logger's Leap

    The queue normally depends on the weather conditions, if it is sunny more people will queue for it, where as if it is tipping it down with rain the queue will be basically non-existent.
  6. So no photo's of the original construction exist?
  7. Thank you, they are proving very hard to find
  8. Tomnorthi

    Logger's Leap

    I may be completely wrong but is this the old attraction left in the park?
  9. Thank you themeparkmadAre there any pics of when it was first built and opened in 1990?
  10. Thank you, very much.Any construction pics would be appreciated.I've been searching but cannot find any anywhere.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find some construction pictures for the Vampire?Cheers
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