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    Thorpe site not exactly 100% reliable though :/
  2. Very much agree with all the following: However I'd argue with some of the following: Although I don't necessarily disagree with this, I don't think it's likely to happen. The way Thorpe and CWoA are set up is such that Thorpe is the thrill park and CWoA is the family park, and I don't think it's gonna change any time soon. I think the removal of Fungle Safari shows that this setup isn't gonna change (unless they replace it with another family ride). Rides like NWO, Quantum, Logger's, and Mr Monkey's just don't get queues at the moment, and I think it'd be detrimental to the progress of Thorpe to try and have a big switcharound to re-focus on family rides. I think, due simply to the nature of its rides and its close proximity to London, that Thorpe will always have a slightly undesirable minority in its clientele. When you say a 'higher faster version of Stealth', I assume you just mean a higher, faster rollercoaster? When you say 'version of Stealth' it implies that it would be exactly the same as Stealth but higher and faster - a bit pointless in my opinion. I don't think it'd be good business-wise for Thorpe to remove Stealth. And maybe could go for some European height/speed records, but I don't think that Thorpe (or for that matter any UK park) will ever be able to compete with the American giants (Six Flags, Cedar Point) for height/speed.
  3. subculturehero


    Oh my mistake! Still, I don't think Thorpe will be after any height records.
  4. subculturehero


    Looks good, although I dunno if new inversions would be mainstream enough for the average Thorpegoer (it's a lot more subtle than OMFGZ 10 LOOPZ! 80MPH!!!!!!!!ONEONE). Also for some reason the idea of music on a ride just makes me cringe (like that Led Zeppelin ride in America). Slightly off-topic, but has anyone seen videos of Bizarro (used to be Medusa) at SF Great Adventure? It had a total revamp with effects like fire. I think that kind of thing is the next step on for Thorpe from the theming we've seen on Saw (as long as Thorpe can keep it all running!)Bizarro video
  5. Yeah that would have been the one thing I would have thought could have restricted it - obviously a flying coaster couldn't approach the speeds of a launched sit-down coaster. After having snooped around Google I can't for the life of me find anything about the differences in forces between a sit-down and flying coasters. Nor can I find anything regarding ideas for launched flying coasters.
  6. subculturehero


    Thorpe already have the record for tallest in the UK (Stealth) so I doubt they'd want to break their own record (not to mention all the crap that often gets brought up about height restrictions and Stealth being an exception to that). Personally I don't think Thorpe will be looking for speed or height - more, 'unique' features, like Saw having the steepest drop, or X:\NWO being the first in-the-dark backwards coaster, etc. Something they can stick on an advert to make it seem more appealing to the public.
  7. I assume something to do with copyright but I'm not entirely sure.
  8. As in, under the loop? I don't think I've ever seen it.
  9. I remember Terror Tomb. I think. I know I definitely went on Tomb Blaster and I'm 90% sure I went on Terror Tomb as well, before it got redone, but I don't really remember much of it (apart from the awesome smell, and lots of theming in the queue like the sliding stone door, the sleeping guard, bottomless pit, etc). As for the 5th Dimension... no chance. Although I think I remember my brother talking about it.
  10. I've personally never heard about any injuries on Logger's , although you can bet that if anyone has been injured on it, it would have been through their own idiocy rather than a ride fault.
  11. I never had the balls to go on Samurai when it was at Chessington (only being 8 or 9 didn't help), but I remember thinking how badass it looked (while on Roger the Dodger's dodgems). I have had a couple of pretty intense rides on it while it's been at Thorpe, but then I have nothing to compare against - although I will admit that I have had some rides on it that have been complete cack!Oh and also, I know massive bump for this quote, but: Why is it out of Thorpe's control?
  12. Yeah I think it's something everyone hopes for, but the chances of it happening are ridiculously slim. Either way, I still got heaps of airtime going over the top hat of Stealth when sitting at the back, I'd highly recommend it (:
  13. Something I've been thinking about recently, although it doesn't seem like something that's been implemented (or even suggested) before, is a launched flying coaster. I know that B&M are the main manufacturers of flying coasters, and they're not fans of launches (to my knowledge, the only launched B&M coaster is the Incredible Hulk, because I think I read that B&M are against launches as a company due to reliability problems). Vekoma also make flying coasters but unless I'm mistaken they don't really go in for launches that much either.Does anyone know how feasible this'd be in terms of H&S (or indeed any other factors)? I've heard some stuff regarding what can and can't be done on flying coasters due to the body's relatively vulnerable positioning. To my knowledge, there's only one full-circuit launched inverted coaster - Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion - has there only been one built because a launch is uncomfortable on everything except sitting coasters, or is it just a lack of interest on the part of coaster manufacturers (on the Wiki page for The Blast Coaster, it says 'It is one of the most popular rides there since its opening on August 3, 1998', although I don't know how reliable that is)?I reckon, if implemented, a launched flying coaster would be good for Thorpe, because of the height restrictions, and it also gives a lot more opportunity for flying-related theming I think (flying close to the ground and whatnot). That's if, of course, it's possible in terms of the forces that'd be exerted on the body - I find it difficult to believe that no-one's thought of this before, and so I assume there might be a good reason why it hasn't been done.
  14. subculturehero


    Sonisphere day splits got announced today - the Saturday looks sort of weak aside from Heaven & Hell, Airbourne, and Anthrax. The Sunday is freaking amazing though, I cannot wait!
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