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  1. Stealth sponsered by Pampers Nappies, just in case your "brickin it"......
  2. Sounds good, my sister went on Monday and she said Stealth peaked at 15mins Hope there isn't an end of week rush
  3. Work your way round the "Big 4" first (pick a favorite and do that as many times as possible), do any of the rides around the top (you can leave Rush/Vortex until the end of the day). That's about it really, but depending on the weather either leave Loggers Leap/Tidal Wave/Rumba Rapids for the middle of the day (if the weathers average) or do them straight away (on hot days they're packed by 2/3pm)
  4. I'm going to Thorpe Park tomorrow, and I'm wondering if anyone else has gone this week and how busy it's been. The weather's gonna be OK tomorrow so that shouldn't be too much of a factor
  5. Heey Thorpe Rocks! Do you know if you're attending the Chessington meet just yet?

    Are you getting excited about your birthday yet? :P

  6. Yeah they're working, it just wasn't showing up on my laptop last night
  7. I'm gonna try and come, if I can it will be my first meet and on my birthday ;)Oh and the attending buttons at the top of the page don't seem to be working
  8. Sounds really good, especially Tobias Mead , not sure about Stevie Starr (sp.?) though, he's more of a "only need to see it once" kind of act.
  9. Haha, 11th April is my birthday! How old is the youngest member to come? I'm a bit interested about coming on the 11th April it will be my 15th birthday so I'm interested in what the age range is
  10. Yeah, you would have to queue up to buy your tickets before entering the queue for the gates. You could book online instead which is only a bit more expensive and collect your tickets from the machines on the side and go straight to the gates
  11. I didn't really know where to post this question, but I really want to know when these Mania's will be up and running.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this :http://www.kmg.nl/kmg/factory/moveit32_en.htmlWith some good theming they could easily fit it in anywhere really, and it has quite a large capacity.
  13. The Saw Island just doesn't fit in with Thorpe Park and I think they overdid it abit with Saw Alive. But I have to agree that the theming on Saw is generally fantastic.
  14. 1. Oblivion2. Detonator (the drop always scares me)3. Samurai4. Colossus5. Rush6. Rage7. Speed : No Limits8. The Bounce9. Nemesis Inferno10. Stealth/Rita (don't have a preference between the two)
  15. Excellent, the drop scares me everytime! It's such a rush when you drop and the first time I rode it, my legs were wobbling afterwards! 5/5
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