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  1. Might well be, but as I've already been this season when there was no one there I dont mind too much, especially as I'm not paying
  2. Did anyone get the offer in The Sun newspaper? You had to collect seven tokens printed in each day, I sent it off quick smart last week and got my tickets today, 2 for free, no catch (apart from buying the paper) although they give you a set day, mine is September 30th, can't wait !
  3. Very exciting! Is it sad that I looked as soon as it turned 12? I looked this morning when I woke up and was disappointed to say it still had hours remaining, I assumed it would count down till midnight. I remember people had been saying how Raptor has good themeing and I don't think The Swarm will disappoint on this level, as it seems Thorpe are working really hard on it for this ride from what we have already seen in the planning.Was reading the wikipedia for it earlier and the description is really detailed, I wondered if anyone else had seen this, I will copy and paste, "The ride will begi
  4. 5 days till lc12.net shows/tells us something new and exciting about the ride!Hopefully nothing we already know! Although I guess all this is aimed at enthusiasts so they should deliver something good!
  5. Haha yeah, I saw this. I think the fact that the woman from The Only Way Is Essex is advertising it makes it all the more worse.
  6. TomW

    Yeah I'm new too :)

  7. The clues were revealed on his page saying this" So, we have 4 numerical codes, which linked to 4 verbal clues: 6262 Nemesis2958 Nemesis Inferno3343 air4806 Oblivion There remains only two pieces of the puzzle to be unravelled.What one thing links all 4.What do the numbers mean?"And that they were the days the rides have been open, along with the fact they are B&M. To the people who guessed it correct he put:"Congratulations Adam you are correct. I would like you and Benjamin to become the first members of my crack squads - Teams of people who will spread the word, warn the people and face
  8. I went to Thorpe Park yesterday, 11th MayIt was so quiet it was amazing!We got the train into Staines for 9.30am where we got on the shuttle bus. It waited to for ages before departing so we didn't get to the park till after it had opened.The queue for the entrance was about 5-10 minutes, not much at all, there were a few spots of rain but then stopped. The day wasn't sunny, but it wasn't rainy, so that was a plus!Queue times for rides were great. I will post the order with the time waited below.Colossus No waiting time, we just walked straight on!Nemesis Inferno Waited for a couple of minutes
  9. Karys

    Thanks! Hope you have a great birthday and fun at Alton and Thorpe you lucky thing! :)

  10. Dan

    Have fun at Thorpe tomorrow :D

  11. I've read £3 and £2 for return,just wondering if anyone knew the right price as I am going tomorrow?!Thanks!
  12. Thanks, that has made me feel a bit better! I will just have to keep looking and try not to look scared!
  13. Sorry if someone has mentioned this but have you noticed who the twitter is following?Have a look here if you haven't already, very interesting, http://twitter.com/#!/LC12net/followingAlso, it is definitely another THE crossed out on the poster, you can see with the way the light is shining on it from the last picture that was posted
  14. I am going to Thorpe Park tomorrow, yay!I had just convinced myself to go on the SAW ride (I hate horror films) and plucked the up the courage when I found out that because of the SAW ALIVE fire, actors had moved to the queue of the coaster.This has completely put me off, I hate the idea of SAW ALIVE because of gory make up, pigmasks and people jumping out at you, so now to have this on the ride has completely freaked me out.So my question is..Will they were there tomorrow? Will they be there only at the peak times of the day? I am guessing the park won't be too busy tomorrow so I am more like
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