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  1. If that plonker had actually hurt himself, it would probably be blamed on Thorpe Park in any subsequent media or whatever. So I say ban the guy, and ban anyone else who does the same thing. That guy was almost certainly the kind of person who smokes in the queues, swears, queue-jumps, and probably steals from the shop outlets, therefore would be the kind of person who wouldn't be missed if banned!
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    Your spelling isn't anything special either!And I'll have you know that those happy faces are wonderful.
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    Bullying.. it's an interesting topic that's for sure.To some extent I believe that name calling/ discrimination etc. is a good thing for people. It builds character and it prepares you for the real world; it's when it gets more serious than that that it becomes a real issue.Now being ginger I certainly recieved my fair share of name calling/ whatnot. It's going to sound weird but I am thankful for all of the "crap" I got. Sure, as a kid I was upset a lot of the time, but in reality it helped me stay clear from the scum, and the lowest people in society, and helped me become me.If, for example, someone shouted "ginger c**t at me, I know that they aren't worth the gum on my shoe, probably live at home with a single drug addict of a parent, and have absolutely no hope in life. (Ok, a bit extreme, but you get my point?)Friends are only true friends when they accept you wholly for what you are...Again, the bully, the kind of person who I mention above can't accept people for who they are, or are trying to "impress" their "friends". Either way, they will never have a true friend themselves (unless their attitude and "friends" change) because of this inability to accept. Even if they do appear popular, they're not in reality. So seriously, feel sorry for them!
  4. Yes, Thorpe Park written as THORPE PARK annoys me an awful lot. Irrationally so.
  5. I've never seen Neptune's Beach listed as unavailable. Well done Thorpe Park! You've managed to break the impossible to break.
  6. College certainly had (yay, I can say HAD now!) its' good points. The social aspect, and yes the alcoholic aspects to name but a few! But in all honesty it's just a continuation of school and all of these extra good aspects kind of get forgotten about when you're sat in a boring hour long lesson... Make the most of it though is what I reckon, the good points that is :DAnd enjoy working at CWoA! I hope to apply to Thorpe for next season once I'm back from my fridge walk (gap year project)
  7. The Stealth smoke did make a brief re-appearance last year.Alton Towers seem to be able to keep Rita's smoke running...As for effects, everything that should work should work! It all adds to the escapism of a theme park..
  8. H&S is not about making the world safer anymore. It's about covering people's arses from getting sued. As an example, at my work in Farnborough, well I work in a shop that is fairly small. There are two clear exits, both in the fact they are the only places in the shop that light comes from, and they are about 30 feet from each other. Health and Safety comes in, and insists we put fire-exit signs up all around the shop. Ones that point people to the directions of the exit etc. It's not to make people safer, it's so that if we had a fire and someone was stupid enough to get lost in a 30 foot shop, their family could sue us for not having adequate fire exit signage. It's the compensation culture, the culture of "I just tripped over on a pavement, I'm going to sue the council for not filling in a pot-hole", whereas it should be "I just tripped over on a pavement, it's my own stupid fault for not noticing the hole".Health and safety as in fully checking rides/ making sure negligence doesn't happen is certainly a wonderful thing though. You would expect that, if you go to a theme park and follow all the rules, you would be guaranteed a safe day.
  9. I feel your pain. Exams are awfulI had 4 A level exams back to back yesterday. That was 7, yes 7 hours of exams with a 10 minute break between. :/
  10. What gets me about the whole tube strike (even though it's now over) is that millions of people across the country face redundancy, with many hundreds of thousands who have already lost their jobs. And these guys, most of whom get paid more than teachers (as an example) want a bloody pay rise. They should be greatful for the jobs they've got, and quite frankly after the way they screwed London over they should be fired! There's plenty of un-emplyed out there who would gladly take the jobs I'm sure. And no offence any tube workers, but teachers do a far more admirable and difficult job than you!The whole country/ world is just greedy. Nothing's ever enough, and money seems to be everything. That's why we're in the mess we're in, and unless people change there attitudes we'll be headed for another recession pretty damn soon. You've only got to look at the way these speculators are sending the price of oil through the roof (and the consequent massive rise in petrol) to see that we're pretty bloody buggered again in the very near future. And it's all because of the greed of a few; much like those lovely tube workers...
  11. There are two water effects left working. 1) As you enter the cave, the waterfall. It gets the entire boat wet, so people won't get up and move about.2) A fountain inside the cave. You cannot see it because it's pitch black, so again people won't get up and move around. The seat belt idea sounds like a good one, but would it increase loading time/ unloading time? Thorpe should just have a sign that says "DO NOT stand up... blah blah... Thorpe cannot be held responsible for any injury as a result of mis-behaviour". That would "cover their arses" which is in reality all that Health and Safety is about.I mean if someone jumped over the fence to Nemesis Inferno and got hit by a train, I would have thought that Thorpe would actually get sued because of it (as stupid as it sounds) which is why they've put up the signs that say "Ride area do not enter" along the fences. A similar thing on Rumba could cover them..?
  12. Small rant about Health and Safety.As some of you may have noticed on recent trips to Thorpe, all of the squirting fountains have been turned off. As well as this, the first waterfall that only got half the boats wet (after the first bend after leaving the "station" (?)) has physically been removed. This implies that it will never ever be coming back. Now even Thorpe Park can keep some water-foutains running, and this coupled with the actual removal of the rock that had the waterfall on it means that the only reason has to be H&S. The waterfall that falls on the boats just at entry to the cave is still there, but I think the only reason why that hasn't been removed is because of the fact it gets the whole boat wet, meaning people don't stand up to avoid it.Now I've heard (although it hasn't been proven) that the shower was turned off for H&S reasons, again because of people standing up to avoid it. Soooo,, Thorpe have removed all effects on Rumba that will encourage people to stand up. This in turn has made Rumba easilly the most boring ride in the park now. There is actually no point to it, and it isn't fun in the slightest.In this ridiculous culture we live in, if someone stands up and falls out the boat, they can sue Thorpe Park so I guess I can see it from Thorpe's point of view. But it sucks nontheless. And I HATE health and safety when they come in to work and start making us change things, and put "warning" signs up everywhere etc. etc. but that is off topic majorly.
  13. I know it shouldn't, but saying Thorpe Park like THORPE PARK really annoys me. I know it's not you, it's the new idea Thorpe Park's had this year, but it kind of sounds like it's being shouted at you rather angrilly!
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