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  1. Operations were really struggling today with only 5 cars. Winter maintenance must have over run on the remaining 3 cars, hope this is sorted asap as throughput isn't great at the best of times.
  2. Surely the train should be travelling in the opposite direction towards the 'splashdown plaza' instead of away from it.
  3. Jack29

    2020 Season

    I visited today and on the whole it was a positive experience. Entering the park was seamless and well organised with a temperature check taken before entering the bag drop area. It was fairly quiet being midweek & term time. Two staff members were situated at the entrance of the dome reminding guests to wear their face covering before entering. In the queue lines the vast majority of people were abiding by the social distancing floor markers and frequent Covid related announcements were made on most rides. As for park operations they were a bit hit and miss as expected although all rides were open except TWD, DBGT, & Angry Birds 4D (Loads of people all dressed in black entered half way through the day, potentially fright night actors for a meeting...). Stealth, Swarm, Detonator & Inferno had excellent operations throughout with hardly any train stacking. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Vortex & Saw. I understand the nature of the rides effects through put more than others but I felt the operations could have been much faster. The Octoberfest area was fairly quiet today although I feel the area could be very congested on very busy days so it will be interesting to see if the park try and enforce social distancing or some sort of crowd control in the area. On the whole it's a nice idea although hard to take too seriously with their beer selection, they should definitely have gone for something that's not on tap in my local Wetherspoons 😄 To some up the park in general sadly it's in the worst state in my 15+ years of visiting and is crying out for investment. I feel the current state of Old Town sums everything up, directionless and tired. Hopefully we get some competition in the UK theme park market over the coming years to persuade Merlin to either invest in Thorpe or sell up. I think the best we can hope for (and even this is wishful thinking) is a medium sized investment in 2022/2023. Maybe a Vekoma Bermuda Blitz with a well thought out layout, marketing campaign, and crucially lighter theme (1.2m height restriction, thrilling but fun family attraction). This could then increase visitor numbers and most vitally revenue/profit to remove SBNO attractions, freshen up the park similar to a Thorpe TLC programme similar to Alton. It's well known that the thrill seeker market spends less and demands more in regards to ride hardware, therefore it's not a sustainable business model and Merlin have started to realise this with knee jerk reactions like the additions of the two Old Town rides found in the lost property box.
  4. Jack29

    2020 Season

    You might be right Josh. I thought by lowering the rate Thorpe could offer a reduced ticket price at no extra cost to them and sell more tickets as a result. From doing some research it looks like a mixed bag, some companies have passed the saving on and others won't be or are yet to decide.
  5. Jack29

    2020 Season

    Now the VAT rate for UK theme parks has been cut from 20% to 5% I would have thought the £39 day price should have been reduced to reflect the change. It can only be assumed that this is a profiteering technique by Merlin.
  6. Rode this three times on Sunday, front, middle, and second to last row. Didn't find it as thrilling as it was at the end of last season. Is it possible to not have as much zip around the track early on in the season maybe...
  7. Jack29


    Station and outside queue, one is 'Welcome to X a journey of light and sound' and the other is a more lengthy safety related announcment.
  8. That does makes sense, don't really see why Stealth has a spare and the other coasters don't but then again I'm not an engineer.
  9. Stealth was having big problems with the traction wheels as someone has already mentioned, the train kept getting stuck coming into the unload platform. One train operation using train one then this was taken off and replaced with the re painted train two but the same problem persisted. I think I saw train three out as well in the morning so they all got a run out today!
  10. Jack29


    Oh okay thanks for that, a couple of new voice announments been put in for 2016 see how long they last!
  11. Jack29


    Guru Josh Project - Infinity (2008) I think that's the one mate! Noticed this ride was just using trains 1 and 4 today. Am I right in thinking this still has/can operate with five trains at once?
  12. Okay thank you, the records that they have of me working their, will they be that I just worked during the 2010 season or that I only worked a couple of months? I ask this because there is a question that says why I left. Sorry I know its a more detailed question but I need to get It right for when the 2013 season application comes out.
  13. Okay thank you, so when they see my application for 2013 theres know way they can tell if I have worked at or applied for Thorpe before?
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