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    I love theme parks, music, film/Tv and Disney
  1. 1) Nemesis - Love it! It's themed well and I love the feeling of speeding past rocks and through tunnels. 2) Oblivion - The feeling in your stomach when the car is first released gets me every time! I also love the tension the queue videos build. 3) Nemesis Inferno - Not as good as Nemesis, however it is still fast, smooth and somewhat well themed. 4) The Swarm - I don't feel like a lot of the bits of themeing make sense? The ride is okay, I just think it could have benefited from a bit more length and intensity. 5) Air - This was the most disappointing ride I have ever been on! I didn't feel like I was flying and it was slow and boring IMO. The only decent bit was the final helix into the breaks for me.
  2. I went on Zufari last week, and after hearing some comments about it not being very good I didn't expect much. In the end I really enjoyed it and even had a Giraffe come right up to the truck and almost stick his head in! I will post pictures of that moment when I have the chance if anyone wants to see them? The ending wasn't spectacular but was fun seeing everyone screaming and trying to get away from those mist jets!
  3. Hi, my names Dorrel and I'm 22 . I've been reading this website for years now but rarely feel confident enough to actually post. I will however make more of an effort from now on! I've been into theme parks since I was a toddler and my parents used to take me to Thorpe Park once a year and I would cry when they would tell me It was time to go home haha. It was only in 2011 that my boyfriend booked a trip for us to Disneyland Paris that I actually went to a theme park abroad and it turned out to be the best time of my life . Since then I have been back once and decided that The Tower Of Terror is the best ride I have ever been on, and will probably make a yearly trip back there. The next park I would like to visit is Europa Park because it looks beautiful and the rides look amazing too! The theme park I go to the most is Chessington because my boyfriend lives within about 5 minutes walking distance, but I normally leave within about 2 hours because its either too busy or too empty to make a day of it lol Other than theme parks my main hobbies are going to the cinema and theatre (The best show I've seen is Priscilla Queen Of The Desert).
  4. dubzywubzy


    I went on X last week at some point and queued for 1 hour, and had that annoying moment where you get stopped after they let everyone else in (although the member of staff at the entrance called Sarah was lovely and made the time fly by). The changes were good, but I did feel like the lights needed to be positioned nearer to the track to give a better effect. Also the music needed to be turned up a bit! Overall I thought It was better than before, but I expected more because of the way it was being advertised on the website..
  5. I'm going on the 10th June so it should be open, although I wouldn't be surprised if its not. Will just make another visit in that case. looks pretty worth it to me! I love the whole theme/story they have gone with and loved The Sanctuary, so on the journey up there I'm going to be dying of excitement haha!
  6. dubzywubzy

    2 For 1?

    There's 2 for 1 vouchers on bottles of Tesco cola... its not the best drink in the world but cheap enough to get the vouchers
  7. I can't wait to ride this on Thursday! Haven't been this excited for a new ride for such a long time!!Does anyone know exactly what the fire effect is on the fire truck? Is it going to be like the old Tidal Wave explosion?
  8. I went on Saw for the 1st time yesterday after attempting to ride on the 15th March. I Thought the inside was good, but didn't think much of the outside at all to be honest. Good points for me:- The Guns in the queue made me jump.- Even after reading the spoilers..the drop still took me by surprise.- The body was lit up properly, and I got soaked.- I actually thought the inside was themed well, and loved the announcements.Bad points:- Outside portion didn't have any 'WOW' factor like the other roller coasters at Thorpe Park.- Was over really quick.- Too much light in the inside part of the queue.- The fact that only the second train gets the puppet talking to them..I think everyone queues the same amount of time so should get the same experience.Anyway thats all I have to say really. Feels good to at last give my views on the ride
  9. I used to be worried of what people thought of me. But when I thought about it, I could get grief for anything that someone doesn't like about me e.g my face, I'm not just going to change it because people think I'm ugly. So I don't see the need to hide my sexuality.
  10. Lol definately! I'm starting to wish I was straight, because girls tend to say whats on there minds. men dont!I'm going to shut up now before I sound like a bitter old man haha
  11. I'm Gay, Came out last january...I'm starting to go off men already, they all treat me like s**t.
  12. Lol problem is I booked on play.com, so I have a print at home ticket from there!Do you think it would be best to go and complain at the end of the day? haha
  13. I'm still going to go too, because iv already booked my ticket! If it doesn't open at some stage I will be very annoyed.
  14. Hey I saw an offer on www.attractiontix.co.uk, Where you can buy a ticket for thrill chill and get an extra day free before the 30th June (Excluding some days). But I am going on the 15th and it is valid on that day.Dont quote me on it though you would have to check the terms and conditions (Sorry if this has already been mentioned)
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