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  1. Yay! My favourite meet of the year, I shall be attending (if its the 17th December!) & I have a hotel booked so no need for me to go rushing off after it's finished. P.S. Luke/Mer I'm doing my research this year so I will know any unexpected surprises you plan to take me on!
  2. I've wrote my full review of DBGT... located HERE
  3. WARNING - This review has very STRONG spoilers Choo Choo... No this isn't Runaway Mine Train, this is MY Ghost Train (Well actually it's Derren's, but I got to experience it last weekend). Delayed for two months, a hype built higher than Kingda Ka and being the largest investment in Merlin HISTORY! I, of course, had low expectations. EXTERIOR I'll begin my review on the outside, we were greeted by a 90 minute queue in the baking heat, so I had lots of time to sink in the exterior, unfortunately, most of the poster theming had been destroyed by the guests'.
  4. Liam T


    I'm sad to see Molly Crowe go, the maze felt completely different to anything I experienced before, the ending was incredible! Skin snatchers sounds very interesting though, I wonder if they will be all in the Towers this time? This sounds like it would be better outdoors...
  5. Shocked & sadden to see ANY theme park incident, my thoughts are with the family of those involved in this crash. It brings up some serious questions about the maintenance of that ride, and how it was able to de-rail like that! In good ole Daily Mail fashion, our favourite rollercoaster crash victims was available to leave a comment, I won't link it as that'll just fuel the fire. I fear what this, with the Smiler crash will do to peoples opinions of Theme Parks
  6. Liam T

    Wicker Man

    It could be possible that even tho the ride would be pirate themed, the actual buildings could be themed to Katanga Canyon, so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. The amazing 'Nemesis94DJW' (famous for his The Smiler no limits recreation which was very accurate to the physical ride) has recreated the SW8 plans. Credits to Nemesis94 & DJW
  7. I come onto the forums to see the first signs of life at DBGT, and y'all complaining about a SIGN. I'm please to see its actually testing, hopefully this means the ride will be open this month! The social media team are still keep hush so who knows.
  8. Liam T

    Wicker Man

    WOOD. I'm always excited by new Alton Towers investments, and especially one that we've been crying out for years. Yes this might not be the massive valley wooden rollercoaster we hoped for, but its a GCI wooden rollercoaster, with large theming elements/pre-show and a possible(?) launch! The documents state this will be finished by December 2017 (we hope, we all know how Merlin's large investments are with time schedules) for a 2018 opening.
  9. I'd rather the opening be delayed than have another Sub Terra 2, look how quickly word of mouth spread that the ride was awful, not even the improvements could fix the already tarnished reputation. And now that ride is closed, maybe permanently. DBGT seems complete, it just needs that seal of approval from Derren & Thorpe before letting loose on the public and the ever so harsh enthusiast community, so please everyone REMAIN CALM.
  10. Liam T

    News Desk

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!.. Just kidding, looking good & refreshed guys! Will look better once the new skin is on and everything is a little cleaner.
  11. GALACTICA This is my mini review of Alton Towers Resorts newest addition, the space travel/VR/flying coaster/retheme/2002 ride that is Galactica The Area - The area feels alive compared to last season, the music and new sound effects work well, the station building doesn't look clunky and out of place. I really like the nod towards the original air paving with the Galactica logo in the pavement! I'm bias when it comes to sci-fi/space themes because I do like space but it doesn't come off as tacky, the whole theme feels well thought out and well present. Boarding - The
  12. I had the pleasure of experiencing this today... Full review coming soon but just some points to make about it; It's an improvement on Air. The music is incredible, works really well in the area. The portal element is one of my favourite theming pieces in a UK theme park, the sound effects timed with the ride's dispatch works really well, a new focus point of Forbidden Valley. Pringles. The VR headsets are HEAVY & very difficult to adjust (especially with no glasses on, I'm blind as it is!). It's very immersive maybe one of the most immersive experiences I've ever been on.
  13. Liam T

    Wicker Man

    Here we go... Though advertising before any planning application? I mean obviously not all rides need planning permission but I expect a secret weapon to have some form of major landscaping that needs permission! Though obviously this is very exciting to see, I do wonder could this be the first none-coaster SW?
  14. This whole project is like Swarm backwards but on a massive scale, that frightens me. It's already been mentioned this is going to be Alton Towers most staffed ride, a title which N:ST once owned... look how that turned out. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited by VR, space and even a ride that didn't have a theme, getting one. But if the risk is loosing a very "simple but efficient at what it does" ride to a gimmick, then I'm praying for the future of Alton Towers & their management to wake up. This screams short term, I just await the 2017 season when Galactica is just Air with '
  15. Liam T

    Logger's Leap

    Here's praying for the return of the tunnel & the introduction of filtered water...
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