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  1. I can't seem to find a topic on Flamingo land (yorkshire), so I thought I would start one.Has anybody been?It looks quite good and they have a new coaster opening july this year!
  2. Hi, everyone!I have been a member for nearly a week now, so thought best introduce myself.My partner and I have been doing an annual day out to Thorpe park for the last 3 years and hope this year I will be brave enough to do some of the rides I have previously avoided!my favorite has to be Nemesis and Colossous.
  3. I really like inferno!! and love the theme music!! often ride more than once!! comfy ride too.
  4. hoping to be brave enough to go on it this year!!!
  5. I never knew you could get so wet on a ride, of course untill I went on tidal wave!!!I adore the theming on this ride too very effective.
  6. always try to build myself up for the bigger rides later, tend to do rapids first then quantum, inferno...still haven't built myself up enough for stealth yet!! rush is always shut when I go and slammer looks so scary!!
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