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  1. I heard that zamplerla have a resived train design with better restraints which could make the new model slightly better
  2. Should have went millennium flyers tbbh
  3. The loop reminds me of that on Junker, looks like a fun ride, Lech is one of my favourite coasters so this could be a fun one too
  4. I still wonder how people can get RAP passes so easily, I have an issue with my left leg from a previous surgery where it goes completely numb after standing for about 20 minutes, so I always have to sit down in the main queue lines where possible. I've been to my doctors about it and apprantly that isn't a good enough reason?
  5. I mean, I went to thorpe around early may and everything was walk on. so, to say there has been no off peak days is kind of miffed
  6. I didn't witness any cleaning down of rides in my 2 days there so I assume they've scrapped that
  7. Trust the capacity to go back to normal just after I go! the queues moved so slow before! especially on 13!
  8. Spent the past two days at towers, It was very busy, even a 10-6 didn't feel like enough for both days. but in other news, Decided to try out roller disco for a laugh, and it was actually intense as f*ck! It seems to be running at full speed, slowing down then full speed again, the G force felt when spinning clockwise was like the speed its ran at a normal fair.
  9. I've been on off peak days a couple times this season and rush had always been on double swings
  10. LK_


    Been on a decent setting since opening this season so probably sodded its self again
  11. Visited on thursday for a last minute trip, was really impressed honestly, everything on two trains, saw was closed at the start of the day but opened around 12, seems to be iffy with being open and closed this season, Did everything multiple times and then left around 2pm as I actually got bored! Overall probably best time ive had at thorpe in the past 10 years ive been going
  12. Tbh I'm all for a events if it means longer opening hours haha
  13. I assume the cycles will be short and probably not ran at full speed either tbh
  14. Is towers doing the same for their queue lines?
  15. Damn I really hope they do end up keeping hello zepp, it adds a completly different feeling to starting the ride with that playing imo
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