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  1. Is towers doing the same for their queue lines?
  2. Damn I really hope they do end up keeping hello zepp, it adds a completly different feeling to starting the ride with that playing imo
  3. I saw signs of around 120-140 minutes last weekend, however the actual waits varied from around 30-55.
  4. S.T.C Vekoma confirm??!oneone?!!
  5. LK_


    Actually had a mega ride on Samurai over the weekend, not sure what setting it was running but it was at least 3 minutes long and intense all the way through, proper threw me around
  6. Gotten pretty lucky with rides. been stuck on the lift for tidal wave for about 10 minutes, and evacuated from Gatekeeper's lift hill at CP.
  7. LK_


    To be honest, I never noticed much downtime on samuari last year, every single visit I made, it was running, albiet on a piss poor setting though, anyone know what the settings are like this season so far?
  8. LK_


    Seems like she's dead again. cherry picker on site and area taped off edit: seems like it got stuck.
  9. I would assume they're the exact same across all old gen B&M invert trains, and it does seem odd that it has different measures from Merlin, I somehow feel like they may change this, either nemmy becomes every other row or inferno loads every row
  10. I was under the impression it would have a beyond vertical drop, but seems not
  11. I have a question for the UK parks and what we know so far. For the social distancing on rides, if I go with one other person from my household, will I be made to sit away from them on a ride, despite going to the park with them?
  12. That first inversion looks so nice ngl
  13. I mean I'm "going" to towers on the 30th and 31st so if its dead its a bonus, but I'm not gonna be upset if they close.
  14. I rekon if towers/thorpe open and the amount of people there end up being too much for the stuff they've put in place, ie gaps in queues, slow dispatches, ect ect they won't make it past sunday. if they do open at the weekend I think the open parks would be stressed to the limits and they'll end up closing for the weekend after imo
  15. "Proximity - Where close proximity between guests and staff is necessary, for example in checking ride harnesses, we will keep this to a minimum and operate in line with the latest guidance. This might mean that some rides and attractions may not be available during your visit. We ask you to also avoid cash transactions if possible." with this statement it would seem like every single ride with restraints would be closed then? cosnidering the staff lean over the train to check restraints ect? unless they're gonna use a pole with a hook lol
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