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  1. Seems like the best place to ask this, I have a premium thorpe season pass, for some fright nights dates, do I have to pay extra to get entry? if so, how does one go about doing so?
  2. LK_


    Running a dire setting the past weekend, ride lasted about 30 seconds, 2 full rotations either way with the arm spinning the opposite direction, barely any flips 😞
  3. Visited last week, very nice park, ops let it down though... 1 train on everything with some lengthy queues, 1 train on hyperion with 40 min queue is an ouch, though they added 2 trains to foruma for about an hour.. then took it off.. Hyperion is a good coaster, but only "good" its rather shaky, the drop and first airtime hill is insane, then it kinda does nothing afterwards and the queue system is atrocious on one train, takes forever, and people Q jump..
  4. I'm really exited to visit on tuesday,/wednsday though the weather isn't looking too good so I hope I don't get rained out for my 2 days there :l
  5. This thing is going up so quick, I'll try and get some photos of it when I visit in 2 weeks, I bet it's going to look massive!
  6. Does anyone have any infomation regaring the bus from Ringsheim station to europapark? do you just pay on the bus or is it required to buy a ticket online or from a machine there? many thanks if anyone knows!
  7. I mean, It's probably just a traveling ride, which obviously can go up in stupid quick times
  8. and it seems the final version is removed in place for a longer break run
  9. This parks expansion rate is rapid, jesus lmao
  10. LK_

    2019 Season

    Wish they did something like the six flags/cedar fair parks did where you can purchace a bottle for around $25? I think, and then use it all year at any of the chain parks, though it was a season pass add on, but still no reason to not make it a seperate thing, other than not making more money of course though
  11. LK_

    2019 Season

    Coke Freestyle was one of the best things when I visited america in the cedar fair chain parks, so much choice honestly, though I assume here it'll be scaled down a bit
  12. Still better than some of the USA parks that can charge up to $30 to park not that I'm jutistifying the hike but still
  13. Has it been confirmed for a 2019 opening? or just speculation with how quick the progress is?
  14. I dunno which RMC I'm more interested in, Energylandias for the height or this for the inversions and twisty stuff
  15. I've done Nemesis, Nemesis inferno, Batman, Banshee, and Raptor, my list goes Raptor Nemesis Banshee (Vests, ew!) Batman Inferno
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