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  1. LK_


    Has it been confirmed for a 2019 opening? or just speculation with how quick the progress is?
  2. LK_

    Walibi Holland

    I dunno which RMC I'm more interested in, Energylandias for the height or this for the inversions and twisty stuff
  3. LK_

    Is Nemesis the best Invert?

    I've done Nemesis, Nemesis inferno, Batman, Banshee, and Raptor, my list goes Raptor Nemesis Banshee (Vests, ew!) Batman Inferno
  4. LK_


    The future for this park looks bright, only one thing I wish they took was the better theming aspect, pull off a phantasia land or something and make you feel immersed in it. but other than that the park looks like a really nice place to visit if one ever finds themself in poland
  5. LK_


    Gonna be visiting in may, and then the year after in may too! can't wait to expeirence it once it opens! (2020 still, right?)
  6. LK_

    Is there a maximum length for hair

    would be nice if posts didn't take long to post so that I have to post 3 times, then it spams the thread, lmao
  7. LK_

    Is there a maximum length for hair

    They literally just got a pic from google and you took time to respond to that lol
  8. LK_

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Yeah noticed it when I looked at the map, sad really, was a stunning machine
  9. LK_

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    the break dance is coming back tho?
  10. LK_

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    10am-10pm from 23rd november
  11. LK_

    2018 General Discussion

    I liked the trees there before, made the swarm island feel more "by its self"
  12. LK_


    Something I've always wondered about when it comes to "closed off seats" are the seats closed off because of a restraint issue, or other issues? I always thought that when a seat was out of order the restraint wasn't working properly, or is it just down to a number of things?
  13. LK_

    Favourite Coaster Launches

    Dragster front row <:
  14. LK_

    2018 General Discussion

    Loke gyro would be insane ?
  15. LK_

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    whats the bet they're £200 a night to stay in a shed?