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    The SAW films! =D

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  1. Has his Work Experience at Legoland Windsor! 17th-22nd May! :D

  2. I've only ever owned RCT3 and No Limits but I definately prefer No Limits for some obvious reasons - The graphics are alot betterIt's a lot smoother if you know what you're doing, it's not necessarily easier especially when you first get it but you can create a much better coaster.I was quite confused by No Limits when I first got it and got frustrated with it and used RCT3 but now I basically use No Limits whenever I can :)This is becoming a long reason so I'm gonna shut up now Bye bye
  3. Here now :)

    I got bored so I went on the forums and started reading random topics.

  4. Allkins, I always wondered where you were on tpm.


  6. LOL I didn't know this was you. =P

  7. Hey!I can go to that I reckon. =)Yeah I think I can definately go to that! See all of you there.
  8. I can definately go on Sunday 30th August!Jamie_CoasterKid can go! I'm probably going with Freddy and Andrew (Professor X)
  9. Freddy_CoasterKid that's my TPR name!!

    woz up?

  10. Hey, can you add me to the maybe list?I know I don't post alot so please don't hold a grudge Maybe list please, thanks!
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